10 Inspirational Quotes PM Modi Shared in Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021

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Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India interacted & shared his thoughts & knowledge with a selected group of students, academics, & parents in the 4th edition of the “Pariksha Pe Charcha” event on April 7th, 2021.

Pariksha Pe Charcha by Pm Modi
Pariksha Pe Charcha by Pm Modi

listed below are ten costs by PM Modi all through Pariksha Pe Charcha to select inspiration from – 

Parents Time

Nowadays, some of the parents are so busy that they don’t have time to get involved with their children in the real life, as a result of this, they look at the marks sheet to understand their child’s potential because of which the assessment of children has become restricted just to their results. But there is more to children than just their marks, which the parents don’t observe.

Challenge yourself

In a long life, an exam is simply one among the opportunities to challenge yourself. the matter arises once you check out it because the end of all of your dreams, as a life-and-death question. Take any exam as a chance. Actually, we must keep searching for such challenges instead of running far away from them.

Creativity vs Knowledge 

Knowledge is restricted to things that you are simply using in your life. But creativity takes you extra than knowledge onto a bigger canvas. Creativity can take you to new areas where nobody else has ventured before.


Children are very smart. they’ll or might not do what you say. But they’re going to get inspired by what you are doing and emulate what you are doing , instead of what you say.

Goals Vs Dreams

Often parents fix some goals in their mind, structure some parameters, and build dreams. Then they burden the kid with these goals. They think children are an instrument for his or her own aims. And once they are unsuccessful in pulling the kid in their pre-decided direction, they assert the kid lacks ‘inspiration’ or ‘motivation’.

Don’t Copy

In today’s world crammed with glitter and celebrity culture, there’s pressure on students that they ought to become like those people that appear on TV or in newspapers, but the planet is far bigger than the stories of a couple of people. A rapidly changing world is additionally bringing with it many new opportunities.

The Family

Everyone understood the importance of family thanks to the pandemic. While we were forced into social distancing, emotional bonding within families was strengthened.

Space Between Parent & Kids

Parents should decide if they need to get older or younger. If they need to get older, they will increase the space between themselves and their children, but if they need to maneuver towards a new life and obtain younger, they need to reduce the gap between themselves and the younger generation.

Be Friend

As children get older the mentality of certain parents is that they need to dominate. they need to interfere in every single thing. Parents who were affectionate with the kid just a couple of years ago, suddenly become instructors and even inspectors!

Destination Fever

There is a new problem that’s taking root in our society called Destination Fever. People want to make a decision their own direction supported the destination somebody else reached. If somebody else was successful at doing something, then you think that you want to also roll in the hay. If somebody else failed at something, then you think that you want to also not try that.

Watch the whole session on youtube.

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