12 Best Varieties of Mango in India And Where to Find Them?

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Nothing beats the summer period when it comes to luscious mouth-watering mangoes. It has always been a happy and essential part of Indian lives. Our country is entirely well-known for its fascinating mango hotspots, encouraging pleasant flavors and aroma, and a variety of recipes. So why wait?

Alphonso Mangoes – Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Alphonso Mangoes

Available during mid-July, Alphonso Mangoes are loved globally for their sunshine yellow colour and pleasant taste. Named after Afonso de Albuquerque, this curvaceous king of the mangoes is one of the most consumed types of mangoes in India among mango lovers.

Kesar Mangoes – Saurashtra, Gujarat

Kesar Mangoes

Kesar mangoes owe their title to their saffron color and heavenly taste. This class, highly celebrated for its distinct sweet flavor, is considered the ‘Queen of Mangoes’. Available from May to July, Kesar mangoes are sought after as an element for exotic meals.

Dasheri Mangoes – Lucknow and Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh

Dasheri Mangoes

The state of Nawabs is pretty well-known for its royal mangoes. Lucknow, along with its neighboring towns, is popularly known for its mango belt of North India. Dasheri mangoes produced here are easily distinguishable from other mangoes in India by their great taste and green peels.

Himsagar and Kishan Bhog Mangoes – Murshidabad, West Bengal

Kishan Bhog Mangoes

Murshidabad is well-known for its wide variety of sweet mangoes. Popular types like Kishan Bhog, Himsagar, Begumpasand, and Nawabpasand, Murshidabad is a significant mango producer and exporter region of India.

Chausa Mangoes – Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

Chausa Mangoes

Hardoi, along with its neighboring regions in Uttar Pradesh, is another spot for mango lovers. These mangoes fall under the ‘sucking’ class and are particularly popular for their yellowish colour and aroma.

Badami Mangoes – North Karnataka

Badami Mangoes

The northern part of Karnataka is renowned for its Badami kind of mangoes. You can state their delicious taste because Badami is also called the Karnataka-Alphonso in the adjacent areas. They are regularly available from May to July.

Langra Mangoes – Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Langra Mangoes

Recognized for its Langra variety of mangoes, Varanasi is a famous hotspot for mango-lovers in India. Residents tell the tale of a farmer who grew this variety of mangoes. Banarasi Langra mangoes, available in June-July, are appreciated for their lemon-yellow skin tone and equally rich taste.

Totapuri Mangoes – Bangalore, Karnataka

Totapuri mangoes

Bangalore is known for its Totapuri mangoes, also recognized as Bangalore or Sandersha mangoes. The city’s medium-sized greenish-yellow mangoes are a mango enthusiasts pleasure! Totapuri is also a significant variety of mangoes in our country with a different taste and aroma!

Malgoa/Mulgoba Mangoes – Salem, Tamil Nadu

Mulgoba Mangoes

Malgoa or Mulgoba mangoes are prized for their nearly round shape and surprisingly thick layer. Mostly grown nearby parts of Tamil Nadu, notably Salem, the Malgoa mango is extensive and delicious in pulp and juice. It is usually thought to be one of the best mangoes in the world.

Safeda Mangoes – Andhra Pradesh

Safeda Mangoes

Safeda or Benishan or Banganpali Mango is a favourite fruit in various regions in Andhra Pradesh, notably in Banganpalle town, which is apparent from its name. Frequently called ‘The King of Mangoes in South India’, this fruit is significantly greater than other types of mangoes.

Neelam Mangoes – Andhra Pradesh

Neelam mangoes

Although produced in nearly every part of India, the most delicious and distinct variety of Neelam mangoes comes during May and July. Neelam Mangoes have a special sweet smell compared to other mangoes and are usually smaller.

Raspuri Mangoes – Karnataka

Raspuri Mangoes

Raspuri Mangoes is a greatly popular type of mangoes. Characterized by its oval shape and its almost inedible skin, the Raspuri Mango can beat any other mango in flavor and juice per fruit if grown and harvested at the right time.

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