12 Instant Noodles Side Effects

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Instant noodles side effects: Instant noodles may be a food item that has always been under tons of speculation. When I was a small girl, I used to be allowed to have it only on Sundays. most instant noodles are made from refined flour (maida) which could cause indigestion. a standard belief was that instant noodles could lead to bowel troubles and obesity.

Instant noodles have become usual now within the daily food menu of many families no matter their economic class in society. The consumption of instant noodles is high in Asian countries. this write-up covers the damaging side effects of instant noodles.


Instant noodles are manufactured by a lot of FMCG company’s whether small, medium, and large scale industries. There are many brands of instant noodles available all over the market. Here are some of the top brands of instant noodles within the market are,

  • Nestle’s Maggi
  • Yippie Noodles
  • Top Ramen Noodles
  • Knorr Soupy Noodles
  • Patanjali Atta Noodles
  • Nissin Cup Noodles
  • Mr.Noodles
  • Indomie Instant Noodles
  • Wai Wai Instant Noodles

Despite it being cheap in cost, instant noodle is extremely dangerous to consume for our health. Here are the risks of eating noodles every day:

Damages liver & Kidney

Consuming instant noodles often can damage the liver. Instant noodle contains many harmful substances, like propylene glycol which may damage the liver and produce an interruption of its function.

Propylene glycol can also trigger another big danger, which is damaging kidney function which is one of many important organs in the human body. Then, this very harmful damage could lead to kidney failure.


Despite their very tasty flavor, instant noodles contain a huge amount of sugar which could lead diabetes to the people. It can also occur when the sugar is secreted through urine.

Diabetes -instant noodles side effects
Diabetes -instant noodles side effects

Effects on women’s hormones

Women who consume too many instant noodles could damage their hormones because of the sodium contained in them. Several problems that can cause by consuming an excessive amount of instant noodles for women are acne and irregular menstrual period.

Effects on men’s sexual hormones

instant noodles also have a negative impact on men. They could be unable to control their sexual arousal due to the impact caused by chemical substances in instant noodles.

Triggers hypertension & cholesterol

I’m sure we are all aware by now how too much salt can really affect our overall health, but not many are aware of the actual damage it can cause to our bodies. Instant noodles are rich in salt and the excess sodium can also lead to high blood pressure

hypertension -instant noodles side effects
hypertension -instant noodles side effects

Common people have a blood pressure of around 130/80. However, those who consume too many instant noodles will have their blood pressure higher than usual because of invisible chemical substances in instant noodles. You may see ways to treat pulmonary hypertension in newborns.

Instant noodles increase cholesterol since it contains a huge amount of salt.

Decreases metabolism process

It’s the worldwide worst harm of eating noodles every day. Chemical substances in instant noodles could decrease our metabolism. Therefore, instead of providing you a good amount of energy, it will only give you less and decrease your metabolic process.

Many parents provide instant noodles to their children for several considerations, like they only have less time or the youngsters love instant noodles. However, instant noodle is really not good for youngsters development because it decreases nutrients absorption process. The impact is going to be more severe for children under six years.

Causing cancer

Cancer can attack people their ages do not matter, from young to elder people. The fact is instant noodles can also lead to cancer in the human body. Cancer comes from a variety of chemical substances present in instant noodles & the Styrofoam used when you are serving noodles.



Pregnant women are actually prohibited to consume instant noodles. Chemical substances, as well as the preservatives substances contained in noodles, can lead to miscarriage.

Poor Diet

Instant noodles are related to poor overall diet quality. thanks to noodles, people are lacking in essential nutrients which are required by the body to function well. Noodles significantly decrease the intake of vitamins A, C, D, calcium, phosphorous, and iron.


Triggers headache

Instant noodles contain a huge amount of MSG. It’s truly bad for our health as well as for the brain. Consuming MSG can cause a mild or severe headache because our body resists any harmful substance. MSG can create problems for our respiratory system Other than causing headaches.


Instant noodle is the kind most favorite junk food nowadays and this food contains fewer vitamins. Therefore, consuming instant noodles excessively can lead to problems for the heart. It is caused by cardio-metabolic syndrome.


The last but most seen problem is Obesity, After eating, instant noodles can offer you a pleasing effect. However, within the next few hours, we’ll feel hungry again, even though instant noodles contain too many calories & carbohydrates. It tends to steer us to eat several times. Moreover, there are many folks who eat instant noodles with rice.  You will also examine the risks of eating instant noodles with rice.


Thus, there are many harms of eating noodles in daily life. Though it’s so delicious, we should avoid and eat them only in moderation to stay healthy!

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