30 Best Baby Shower Quotes

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When you’re weak to think certain words to say on baby shower, don’t worry, you’re not alone. These pure baby shower quotes will assist you in crafting the complete message for baby and Mom-to-be.

baby shower

 Cute Baby Shower Quotes

Most baby shower wishes and messages are greeted to the baby’s mother, but it is also a delightful idea for you to give a specific note for the baby-to-be.

  • “Sometimes, the tiniest things carry up the most area in your heart.”
  • “9-month prediction: a ‘shower’ accompanied by a bright child.”
  • “Possessing a baby is like becoming enamoured again with your baby and your hubby. “-Tina Brown.
  • “Someone precious, Someone special, someone different, to love is here.”
  • “A new child is like the starting of all things great, faith, and a vision of opportunities.”-Eda J. Le Shan.
baby is a blessing
baby is a blessing
  • Kids are pieces of stardust, born from the hand of God.”-Barretto.
  • “Twinkle Twinkle little star can’t pause to witness how attractive you are.”
  • “Remember, child, you are stronger than you think, brighter than you believe, powerful than you appear, and loved more than you know.”

Funny Baby Shower Quotes

Don’t be shocked to get quirky when designing your card and handpick one of these funny quotes for a newborn baby shower. Laughing is the biggest medicine, and these hilarious baby shower quotes are just what the doctor requested. Show off your funny side with these baby quotes.

  • “People who tell they rest like a baby normally don’t have one.”-Leo Burke
  • “Here comes trouble!”
  • “A baby is an expensive grace and trouble.”-Mark Twain.
  • “What is a house without babies? Quiet.”-Henny Youngman
  • “Childrens are constantly more problem than you imagined and more enjoyable.”-Charles is Osgood.
Congratulations on hitting the bottle
  • “Deciding to have a child is important. It is to choose always to have your heart go wandering around outside your body.”-Elizabeth Stone.
  • “After a baby, alter the method you see your in-laws. I like it while they come to hit now. They can take the infant, and I can move out.”-Matthew Broderick.
  • “The most dangerous point of a newborn baby is its mother’s singing.”-Kin Hubbard

Baby Shower Quotes For Girls

These are the ideal quotes you’ve been looking for a baby shower for a little girl. These great quotes will help you to make your card look unique from others.

  • Like mother, like daughter.”
  • “One touch is worth ten thousand words.” by Harold Bloomfield.
  • “Attractive dresses and short curls. Oh, thank gods for little girls.”
  • “Such a big miracle in such a little girl.”
a baby girl arrives
  • “A little girl is a grace. A present from heaven above, a beloved little angel to love and to cherish.”
  • “Sugar and spice and everything is fine. That’s something baby girls are formed of.”
  • “Baby daughters give such pleasure with emotions so friendly and smiles so sunny.”

Baby Shower Quotes For Boys

Let mom understand that the mess, adventure, and eternal love are just starting with these baby shower quotes for boys.

  • “Sons are seen universally — beneath, top of, inside of, moving around, turning from, climbing on, or jumping to.”-Alan Marshall Beck.
  • “Even when recently washed and released of all apparent confections, boys tend to be adhesive.”-Fran Lebowitz.
  • “What are small boys made of? Snails & Frogs, and puppy tails, that’s what small boys, are created of.”
a brand new baby boy
  • “If I own a monument in this life, it is my son.”-Maya Angelou.
  • “To stay in your baby’s thoughts tomorrow, be in his life today.”
  • “Of all the creatures, the son is the most uncontrollable.”-Plato.
  • “A son is a mysterious creature. You can lock him out of your office, but you can’t lock him out of your soul or heart.

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