6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior

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Welcome to a guide of 6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior.

Gwalior, a city with a rich history, is the state’s tourism hub. The city’s diverse collection of landmarks, from massive forts to gorgeous temples and monuments, is sure to enchant visitors. There’s more! Gwalior has produced some of our country’s most gifted artists in the field of music. 

As a result of Tansen’s work in this city, Indian classical music has been bolstered to its current strength. One cannot adequately convey Gwalior’s cultural and historical significance in words. To truly appreciate the significance of the city’s contributions to the rich history and culture of the United States, you must pay a visit.

6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior: Gwalior Fort

6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior 1

The formidable Gwalior Fort, known as ‘the gem of strongholds in India’, has witnessed countless conflicts and events. Over an area of 3 square kilometres, this architectural wonder looms over the entire city and can be seen from every angle. A whole day could be needed to fully visit the fort, which has a number of attractions including palaces, temples, and water tanks.

6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior: Phool Bagh

Designed by Madho Rao Scindia, the Prince of Wales officially opened Phool Bagh in 1922. At this place, you’ll also find an art museum, a zoo, and a temple all in one location. Visitors flock to the area to take advantage of the well-kept gardens and spend quality time with friends and family.

6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior: Gujari Mahal Museum

6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior 2

Within the walls of the Gwalior Fort, a 15th-century palace museum was erected by Raja Man Singh Tomar. Archaeological artefacts from the city and its rulers can be found in this museum, which has stood the test of time. The museum’s uncommon sculpture collection is one of its highlights. Exhibits include terracotta artefacts, stone and copper plate inscriptions, coins, bronze sculptures, weaponry, and copies of Bagh Cave murals.

6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior: Sarafa Bazar

Sarafa Bazar is a must-stop shop for jewellery, handicrafts, and textiles lovers. In Gwalior, it’s one of the oldest and most well-known markets in the city. Incredibly low costs are available for lacquer work, chanderi silk, home decor, handcrafted rugs, and vases with complex designs here. At the market, don’t forget to sample the delicious street food, such as pani puri.

6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior: Teli Ka Mandir

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Teli Ka Mandir, the tallest structure in the Gwalior Fort complex, is renowned for its Dravidian architecture and intricate artwork. The building’s design is a fusion of Buddhist and Hindu elements, rising to a height of about 100 feet. There is a belief that the temple dates back to the 8th or 11th century and is the fort’s oldest structure. Structures of serpents and river goddesses are also found inside the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

6 interesting places to visit in Gwalior: Gwalior Zoo

If you’re a fan of animals, Gwalior Zoo should be on your list of places to visit. The zoological park, which covers an area of 8 hectares, was created by the royal family in 1922. It is home to a white tiger, hyena, golden pheasant, black buck, bison, and spotted deer, as well as other uncommon animals.

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