Anti Valentine Week 2022: Dates, Importance and Calendar

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Anti Valentine Week: Last week was full of love, romance, and intimacy as the world was celebrating the week called “the valentine’s week”. The singles often find the concept of Valentine’s day futile. They do not believe in the idea of soulmates, nor in concepts such as love, romance, or trust. And for them, there exists the ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day Week’! Anti-Valentine’s week is celebrated after Valentine’s Week. This week followed from 15 February to 21 February.

Anti Valentine Week
Anti Valentine Week

This week comes to the help of those who got their heartbroken or a mood to end their toxic relationship or infect all those who are still single. The week begins with Slap Day on February 15 and goes on to celebrate hatred and break-up. After Slap Day comes, Kick Day, Perfume Day and Flirting Day. There is also Confession Day, Missing Day and the final Breakup Day.

The ‘unromantic’ week for single people is finally here. Just like the committed people celebrated the days of love in the most romantic way in Valentine Week, now is the time for single people to enjoy their best version of ‘no romance’ in Anti-Valentine Week.

Anti Valentine Day List 15th Feb to 21st Feb

February 15 – Happy Slap Day

February 16 – Happy Kick Day

February 17 – Happy Perfume Day

February 18 – Happy Flirting Day

February 19 – Happy Confession Day

February 20 – Happy Missing Day

February 21 – Happy Breakup Day

This week started on February 15 with Slap Day and it will end on February 21 with Breakup Day.


Anti-Valentine’s Week : Days, Dates, Schedule and Timetable of Anti-Valentine’s Week

Day Date Day Anti-Valentine Day

1st Day of Anti Valentine February 15 Tuesday Slap Day

2nd Day of Anti Valentine February 16 Wednesday Kick Day

3rd Day of Anti Valentine February 17 Thursday Perfume Day

4th Day of Anti Valentine February 18 Friday Flirting Day

5th Day of Anti Valentine February 19 Saturday Confession Day

6th Day of Anti Valentine February 20 Sunday Missing Day

7th Day of Anti Valentine February 21 Monday Break Up Day


Slap Day: February 15

Just a day after Valentine’s Day is slap day, celebrated on February 15. This day is for people who want to slap those who cheated on them. However, we do not mean that you should literally slap them. Instead, it’s a good day to slap the feelings for those people and move ahead.

Kick Day: February 16

Next to the Slap Day is Kick Day, where you kick out all the negativity and bad vibes from your life.

Perfume Day: February 17

What’s better than treating yourself with something great. This is the day is to dust off all the negativity and wear that amazing perfume.

Anti valentine week
Anti valentine week

Flirting Day: February 18

After Perfume Day, February 18 is the day you go ahead with one of those pickup lines that you’ve been waiting to use. This is the perfect day to ask out that person you’ve been waiting for.

Confession Day: February 19

Confession Day is celebrated on February 19 and it’s the day you tell your feeling to your crush. Use this day to open up with the person you’ve been wanting to.

Missing Day: February 20

There’s never a bad time to tell a person you’re missing them. However, if you are waiting for a day when you can finally tell them, it is on February 20. Use this occasion to tell your favorite person how much you miss them.


Breakup Day: February 21

While there’s never a bad day to end a toxic relationship, this day will give you some extra motivation and get rid of that person by breaking up with them.

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