Happy World Egg Day 2021 – Date, Themes, Quotes, Wishes & Ideas

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Every year, Happy World Egg Day is celebrated on the 2nd Friday on 9th October. The International Egg Commission (IEC) idea was to mark the day, initiated at a conference organized in Vienna in 1996.

World Egg Day
World Egg Day

The aspect behind the day was to boost awareness about the vital nutrition benefit eggs have in our body. The day helps appreciate egg producers and increases and spreads egg eating as part of our well-balanced diet.

Organizing massive kinds of activities and events, many nations all across the world now observe World Egg Day. Growing awareness is pretty much crucial as eggs play a significant role in feeding families worldwide.

There is no alternative to eggs for versatility and good-quality protein at a low price. People from various provinces willingly engage in the celebration.

Happy World Egg Day 2021 Date

This year Egg Day is on Friday, October 9 (Celebrated on the second Friday in October). The day draws possibilities for everyone to know a lot about the advantages of eggs.

The purpose of celebrating this day is, on the one hand, to allow souls throughout the world to understand that eggs are healthful meals and should be added to our regular diet. On the other hand, eggs are pretty affordable in price.

The day also strives to admire and appreciate the contribution of the farmers who take care of chicks to drop eggs on our table.

World Egg Day 2021 Theme

The fascinating fact is that people from various countries worldwide observe the day with great enthusiasm, and this day’s fame is rising steadily.

The theme for this year is “EAT YOUR EGG TODAY AND EVERY DAY”. With this theme, the celebration emphasizes the importance of eggs in our everyday nutrition and inspires us to add egg and egg-made recipes to our regular intake.

Celebrate World Egg Day 2021

Egg Plate
Egg Plate

People worldwide like to honor World Egg Day by organizing various activities and events such as giving free eggs, hosting school fun days, supporting educational broadcasts and sessions over social media, having favorite food with egg recipes, competitions, cooking shows, etc.

You would not notice any nation on the planet where the wide use of the egg does not exist in its classical cuisine. So people recognize this day gracefully to make it an unforgettable day.

Facts for the World Egg Day

  • Eggs are considered to be one of the most excellent sources of protein available.
  • About 9 percent of the contents of eggs is fat.
  • Eggs also contain cholesterol.
  • Eggs are one of the most popularly consumed animal products on the earth.

Happy World Egg Day Wishes

We have got some most excellent wishes for you to make your day truly remarkable. Below are our gathered wishes for you.

  • Today is October 9, and it’s International Egg Day 2021. Include eggs in your everyday diet and unlock the gateway to breathing a healthy life.
  • Happy World Egg Day. Eat eggs as they are an excellent source of energy and be active.
  • Eggs are amazingly versatile components for both spicy and sweet recipes. Try it, and cheers—happy World Egg Day to you.
  • Make your life pleasant by admiring eggs, having eggs, and savouring eggs. Happy World Egg Day.

Happy World Egg Day Quotes

  • Happy marking World Egg Day. Eggs are a great source of energy.
  • Eggs are a precious source of protein, healthy for bones and the brain, and rich in Omega-3. Wishing you all – a wonderful Egg Day!
  • Eggs are essential for individual nutrition. Eat eggs, love eggs and enjoy eggs.
  • On World Egg Day, let’s recognize the value of eggs in our everyday lives.
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