Hartalika Teej 2021: History, Significance, celebration, Wishes, and WhatsApp messages

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The Festival Celebrations Are About To Start And It All Starts With Teej. The Monson Season Opens The Floodgates Of Festivals In the Indian States Such As Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, And Uttar Pradesh. Hartalika Teej Is Celebrated On September 9, 2021.

Happy Hartalika Teej
Happy Hartalika Teej

Teej is celebrated in the north Indian lunar month on the third bright half day. In India, women celebrate three types of Teej: Hartalika, Hariyali, and Kajri. Celebrations bring joy and happiness. They also bring families together and have quality time.

Significance of Hartalika Teej

According to Hindu mythology, in order for their marriage to be as successful and happy as the marriage of Lord Shiva and the goddess Parvati, women make statues of the gods and pray for a happy and joyful married life. In the morning, at auspicious times, special prayers are offered to the goddess Parvati. or Pratakal Khartalik Puja Mujurat.

History of Hartalika Teej

The history of Teej goes back many centuries. According to myths, Parvati was a follower of Lord Shiva. She lost her mind and admired him. But her father, the Himalayas, was determined to marry her Vishnu as he had promised Vishnu. your daughter’s marriage. Unable to chase her father, Parvati asks her friend to kidnap her. She wanted to show Shiva how she was initiated and along the banks of the Ganges she made a deep and serious penance. Shiva was a sage and one day he noticed her sincere efforts and accepted her marriage proposal. Shiva agrees to marry Parvati.


How to celebrate Hartalika Teej

During Hariyali Teej, married women visit their biological parents’ home, put on new clothes, preferably green sarees and bracelets, prepare swings, and dress them like a married couple while singing Teej songs.

The women hold a Nirjala Vrat during which they neither drink nor eat anything during the day. They generally keep this father to protect their families, husbands, and children from the evil eye and to keep them safe from misfortune. It is their own way of asking the Almighty to make their families safe and happy.


Hartalika Teej Wishes and WhatsApp Messages

May Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva fill your life with love, prosperity, happiness, and good health., Happy Hartalika Teej!!!

On this significant day of Hartalik Tij, Goddess Parvati bless you and your husband. Happy Hartalika Teej!!!

Let’s celebrate! This is a significant Hartalika Teej festival filled with happiness and joy! We wish you a happy family life!

May Teej bring hope, dreams, and happiness to your family life. Happy Hartalika Teej!!!

May Goddess Parvati fulfill all your desires and have a loving husband like the mighty Lord Shiva! Happy Hartalika Teej!!!

I wish you and all your loved ones! Very Happy Hartalika Teej! Goddess Parvati bless a happy and peaceful married life!

Warm and happy wishes to all fasting people on this significant day of Hartalika Teej! Enjoy Teej and have fun!

May God hear your prayers and bless your marriage. May your married life be filled with love and laughter. Happy Hartalika Teej!

May the Lord, showers their blessing upon you and your husband. May you too always love and care for each other, till the end of time. Happy Hariyali Teej!

Hartalika Teej is all love and sacrifice. Let’s celebrate the auspicious festival with respect and love. Happy Teej!

Wish you and all your loved ones a very Happy Hartalika Teej!

On the occasion of Hartalik Teej, may Lord Mahadev bless you and your wife with happiness, peace, abundant health, love, wealth, and prosperity.

May the swings of joy fill your heart with love, happiness and abundant fortune. Happy Teej!

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