Important Days & Dates of March

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March is the third month of the year, the name of March is devoted to the Roman god of war, Mars. it’s the primary month of the earliest Roman calendar. Several events, festivals, and important days of the national and international fall in March. 

March may be a month that centres around people’s wellbeing and has numerous days that appear to supply cognizance among individuals with reference to their wellbeing. World Oral Health Day, Public Vaccination Day, Self-Injury Awareness Day, World mongolism Day, No Smoking Day (Second Wednesday of March), World Kidney Day (Second Thursday of March) etc.

This article additionally gives significant worldwide dates and days of March

  1. Zero Discrimination Day – 1st March
  2. World Civil Defence Day – 1st March
  3. World Wildlife Day- 3rd March
  4. World Hearing Day- 3rd March
  5. National Security Day – 4th March
  6. International Women’s Day – 8th March
  7. CISF Raising Day – 10th March
  8. Mauritius Day – 12th March
  9. World Sleep Day – 13th March
  10. International Day of Action for Rivers – 14th March
  11. Pi Day – 14th March
  12. World Consumer Rights Day – 15th March
  13. National Vaccination Day (National Immunisation Day (IMD))- 16th March
  14. Ordnance Factories Day (India) – 18th March
  15. International Day of Happiness – 20th March
  16. World Sparrow day – 20th March
  17. World Oral Health Day- 20th March
  18. World Forestry Day – 21st March
  19. World Poetry Day -21st March
  20. World Down Syndrome Day – 21st March
  21. World Day for Water – 22nd March
  22. Bihar Day – 22nd March
  23. World Meteorological Day – 23rd March
  24. World Tuberculosis (TB) Day – 24th March
  25. World Theatre Day – 27th March

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