Important Days & Dates of May

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May is the fifth month of the year, May recognizes the diverse working gatherings & imprint days, like International Labor Day, Coal Miners Day, International Nurses Day, International Firefighter’s Day, and so forth In the Gregorian schedule. The month additionally addresses some significant issues by perceiving World Asthma Day, National Anti-Terrorism Day, and National Endangered Species Day (celebrated each year on the third Friday of May).

  1. Workers’ Day (International Labour Day) – 1st May
  2. Maharashtra Day– 1st May
  3. World Laughter Day – 2nd May
  4. Press Freedom Day – 3rd May
  5. World Asthma Day – 4th May
  6. Coal Miners’ Day – 4th May
  7. International Firefighters Day – 4th May
  8. World Athletics Day – 7th May
  9. World Red Cross Day – 8th May
  10. World Thalassaemia Day – 8th May
  11. Mother’s Day – 9th May
  12. National Technology Day – 11th May
  13. International Nurses Day -12th May
  14. International Day of the Family -15th May
  15. World Telecommunication Day – 17th May
  16. World Hypertension Day – 17th May
  17. World AIDS vaccine Day – 18th May
  18. International Museum Day – 18th May
  19. National Anti-Terrorism Day – 21st May
  20. International Day of Biological Diversity -22nd May
  21. Commonwealth Day – 24th May
  22. Brother’s Day – 24th May
  23. Anti-Tobacco Day – 31st May

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