International Animation Day : History, Significance, and Facts

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The International Animation Day is observed on 28th October every year. It’s a day to get in touch with your inner kid and remember when you considered the most enjoyable thing you could do in life was to see cartoons.

International Animation Day
International Animation Day

Of course, sophistication and maturity have raised your love for moving static pictures so that, presently, you share a global interest in this creative artwork and lively industry.

History of International Animation Day

In 2002, the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation (International Animated Film Association) made this unauthorized holiday to celebrate when animation had its first public display.

It was at the Grévin Museum in Paris, when Charles-Émile Reynaud and his Théâtre Optique showed his first creation, “Pantomimes Lumineuses” on 28th October, 1892. It was a collection of three cartoons, ‘Le Clown Et Ses Chiens,’ ‘Un bon bock,’ and ‘Pauvre Pierrot.’

It was 1888 when Reynaud patented Théâtre Optique, a tool that designed pictures on display utilizing 36 mirrors, two magic lanterns, or auxiliary lights that were the source of a projector and a stable background.

Each of the three cartoons comprised 500 to 600 individually designed pictures and lasted for around 15 minutes.

Reynaud worked as the projectionist, and a piano performer accompanied him. Actors on the team gave the dialogue. The program continued until 1900 and was attended by half a million people. 

By then, animation had started to develop. The next step was ‘lumière style,’ which succeeded in hand-drawn images with photographs for a more lifelike visual encounter.

Audiences liked the more modern style and dropped interest in the shows at the Grévin Museum. Reynaud had presented 12,800 performances.

Reynaud did not adapt to develop, and he suffered the outcomes. In 1913, disappointed and broken financially, he destroyed the last Théâtre Optique machine with a hammer and threw several of his films into the Seine.

International Animation Day Activities

●  Watch cartoons

Refresh your childhood by viewing one of the famous animated movies of whatever is your previous: “Lady and the Tramp” (1955), “Bambi” (1942), “Spirited Away” (2004), “Aladdin” (1992), “Frozen” (2013), etc.

●  Try your own claymation.

Utilizing the camera on your phone and many tubs of Play-Doh you’ve just purchased, notice if you can reform Gumby walking. It should be simple; he’s almost a stick form!

●  Hit the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Pay tribute to the Simpsons, who received their Hollywood star in 2000. Since then, their production has become the longest-lasting scripted American TV show.

Significance of International Animation Day

●  Cartoons are fun

We can still see cartoons as we grow older. They allow us to enjoy a short getaway from being a grown-up.

Cartoons are fun
Cartoons are fun

●  Cartoons can be healthy.

Cartoons have forever been excellent babysitters. They help children with language and cognitive improvement and encourage laughter, releasing sufficient endorphins.

●  Cartoons are cultural artifacts.

As a mature adult user of animation, you can encounter work from other nations. Animation can offer a window into different traditions and cultures, even while managing common human difficulties.

5 Facts about International Animation Day that will blow your brain

1. Festivals warmed the Cold War.

Through the Cold War, ASIFA hosted film festivities in Europe to join the West and East through animation.

2. Festivals benefited from print promotion.

ASIFA advanced festivals by offering the first magazine entirely about animation, printed in Russian, English, and French.

3. The first was founded in France.

ASIFA’s primary worldwide animation festival was in Annecy, France, in 1960 and is presently the prominent worldwide destination for no less than 100,000 people in the animation business.

4. Creativity pays tribute to destruction.

The Hiroshima International Film Festival was established in 1985 as ASIFA’s idea of honoring the 40 years of the attack during World War II.

5. Zagreb leads to Hollywood

Champions of the Grand Prix at Animafest Zagreb in Croatia automatically qualify for the European Animation Award and the Academy Award.

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