International Dance Day: All You Need To Know

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International Dance Day is celebrated annually on April 29, so get your dancing shoes on and get prepared to dance out. Humans just love to dance. It unites us together whether we are watching the skilled performance of others or are on the dance floor.

International Dance Day
International Dance Day

Dancing is exciting and special. Let’s celebrate the world of dance today, together!

History of International Dance Day

In 1982, The Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) designated April 29th as International Dance Day to emphasize the incredible diversity and talent of dancers throughout the world.

This day was picked because it observes the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the founder of contemporary ballet.

The International Theatre Institute made this holiday to encourage dance all over the earth, to make individuals conscious of the significance of dance, and to allow the dance community to publicize their work on a wide scale.

Proof of dance has been discovered tracing back 9,000 years and it has developed into a global sensation. This holiday inspires individuals to honor their favorite style of dance while also learning new types.

There are dance types for humans of every age and rhythm abilities; so there is no reason for you not to get involved.

Incredible Facts About Dance Day

  • 80 Percent – the ratio of skilled dancers who have undergone one major injury throughout their career.
  • $4,000 – the price of the most pricey ballet slippers.
  • 2-3 – the number of shoe pairs one ballerina wears every week.
  • The 30s – the average age for most skilled dancers quit because of severe physical demand.
  • 93 percent – the percentage of every dancer who became a dance trainer after a career-ending injury.
  • $1.8 million – the Michael Flatley earnings per week — the earth’s highest-paid dancer.
  • 72,000 – the number of individuals who came to a fair in Ohio in 1996 to do the chicken dance.

 How to observe International Dance Day?

How to observe International Dance Day
How to observe International Dance Day

●     Take a class

Have you ever tried Zambian dance? What about Garba? How about Tango? Perhaps you are not really a great dancer but, don’t worry, novice classes are extremely gracious. Despite your skill level, today is your day to open your legs! Try a dance type you have never attempted before.

●     See a show

Dance performances frequently feature bright colors, stunning costumes, and wonderful sets. Even if you can’t watch a show in person today, see the International Theatre Institute’s site for videos highlighting a variety of dance types from all over the earth.

 ●     Encourage young dancers

Kids can start dance classes at a very young age. Those who like it and stick with it experience several advantages such as higher self-confidence, enhanced physical fitness, stronger determination to persevere, and greater ability to hear and understand instructions.

Motivate your kids to take a chance on dancing!

5 Kinds of Dance Around the Earth

 1.     ​Ballet

Frequently referred to as the spine of dance, ballet concentrates on processes that need a great deal of commitment to master.

 2.   Hip-Hop

Made in the 1970s, hip-hop reached mainstream throughout the 1980s with techniques known as popping, breaking, and locking.

 3.   ​Salsa

​The signature hip actions in Salsa dancing come from the dancer stepping while holding their upper body level and still.

 4.   ​Bharatanatyam

This classic South Indian dance developed in Hindu temples and traces back to 1000 BC; it is usually a solo dance conducted by women representing spiritual and religious ideas.

 5.   Dragon Dance

​A well-known Chinese dance is conducted by dancers utilizing poles to maintain a lengthy, flexible dragon figure; the bigger the dragon, the more fortune it is thought to bring to the community.

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