International Day of Peace (World Peace Day) 2021: Everything To Know

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World Peace Day or International Day of Peace is marked yearly on 21st September. It is dedicated to encouraging the ideals of harmony, both inside and between all countries and peoples.

International Day of Peace - World Peace Day
International Day of Peace – World Peace Day

When war and destruction frequently syndicate our news cycles, the World Day of Peace is an inspirational reminder of what we can build unitedly. Let’s offer peace a chance!

History of International Day of Peace

In 1981, the UN General Assembly stated the third Tuesday of the 9th month as World Peace Day. This day was agreed with the initial day of the yearly sessions of the General Assembly. The day’s goal was and remained to uphold the goals of peace throughout the world.

History of International Day of Peace
History of International Day of Peace

Two decades after discovering this day of awareness, in 2001, the association led the date to be celebrated every year on 21st September.

Peace is possible. Throughout history, maximum cultures have existed in harmony maximum of the time. Today, we are significantly less likely to die in war than our ancestors.

Since the founding of the United Nations and the making of the Charter, governments are bound not to apply a force upon others except if they are fighting in self-defense or approved by the UN Security Council to continue.

Life is more beneficial in a society where love exists. Today, we seem to be mediators and observers to learn what we can all do personally to create the world a more friendly place.

Traditions of the Day

The United Nations General Assembly authorized World Peace Day for increasing the standards of peace. The day is dedicated to celebrating 24 hours of non-violence and a ceasefire.

Today, it is more significant than ever to support love and open-mindedness for agreement across gender, race, and nations. Individuals and institutions worldwide engage in activities and organize exhibitions focused on a fixed theme for the year.

Activities range from special events to public functions, festivals, and shows, delivering peace to huge audiences.

By the Numbers

statistics of International Day of Peace

$13.7 trillion – the economic value of violence in 2015.

9,800 – the number of terrorism sites including violent stuff by September 2015.

6% – women signatories in significant peace means worldwide within 1992 and 2019.

13% – women negotiators between 1992 and 2019.

11% – the ceasefire negotiations between 2015 and 2019, which combined gender provisions.

15.9 million – the predicted amount of people in Yemen’s residents knocked by the world’s most dangerous food crisis.

60% – people hit with severe hunger existing in conflict nations.

135 million – people in 2019 existing with acute hunger.

88 – the number of nations with national development policies on women, peace, and protection.

408 million – the predicted number of youth residing in regions of armed conflict.

416 – the number of policy proposals set by national governments in reply to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why International Day of Peace is Essential

●     It connects us

Nations and societies worldwide fight poverty and illness, education, and healthcare. The International Day of Peace tells us that we are more alike than we are different despite where we arrive from or our languages.

●     It tells us to believe in something greater than ourselves.

International Day of Peace
International Day of Peace

We can become picked up in the day-to-day work and family. But seldom, it’s good to think about how societies and countries require us to get outside our pleasure zones. We can have unity when we create an effort to view someone else’s prospector, put another space, to “step a mile in their footwear.”

●     It shows that small things can make significant impacts.

We can all commit to the global culture of peace through appeal, education, advocacy, and considering others. If we performed one small thing to bring about love, think of the worldwide impact each week!

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