International Stuttering Awareness Day 2021: All You Need To Know

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International Stuttering Awareness Day is celebrated every year on 22nd October. Stuttering is a speech disturbance in which repetitions — or unusual stoppages of syllables and sounds — interrupt the flow of speech.

International Stuttering Awareness Day
International Stuttering Awareness Day

There may also be abnormal facial and body actions linked with conversing. The day shows significant attention on stutterers and teaches the people regarding the causes.

History of International Stuttering Awareness Day

Founded in 1998, The Day draws awareness to the millions of people worldwide living with this particular communication disorder.

Typically, when people relate to stuttering, they think of the repetition of a particular word; however, stuttering has several different forms, including prolonging a syllable or vowel. This state is also variable, indicating that the sharpness of the stutter is irregular.

Stuttering has been surrounding longer than humans have been capable of recording their communications involving the condition. Still, a lack of knowledge of the disorder resulted in years of improper treatment.

In 19 century Europe, surgery was approved for humans affected by communication disorders. Surgeons would practice scissors to remove a three-sided wedge from the tongue back and cut muscles and nerves in the lips and neck.

Though stuttering is presently understood as a neurological dysfunction that can be by birth (received as a kid) or obtained (developed as an adult due to drug usage or trauma), there is, however, an air of stigma that supports those who breathe with it.

On this great occasion, spend time to know about the 1 percent of humankind affected and what you can do to support others and stay taught on the situation.

Why is International Stuttering Awareness Day important?

Stuttering is misunderstood
Stuttering is misunderstood

1.  Stuttering is misunderstood

There are several myths around stuttering and those who exist with the situation, for instance, opposed to what numerous think, it’s not caused by shyness or impatience. International Stuttering Awareness Day teaches society of stuttering and thereby reduces the disgrace.

2. It provides assistance

The day offers hope to the public who stutter by assuring them they’re not only one and offering them support to enhance their communication. It unites people with research and communication pathologists.

3. It’s a community

The National Stuttering Association is a group of individuals who share their stories and difficulties with each other. Those who stutter can learn and meet others simultaneously by visiting workshops and events, frequently given through local chapters.

​5 Myths about Stuttering

1.  ​Nervousness

Though it may seem like an individual is dropping over their words, being nervous or shy is not the leading stuttering problem. Rather than telling people who stutter to get a deep breath, calmly wait for them to complete their sentence without breaking them off.

2. ​Shyness

Shyness may make stutterers speak more minor, but it’s not a key problem of stuttering.​ People who stumble might be scared of judgment, so show them they can trust you by providing them the same level of consideration you offer to those who don’t stumble.

3. ​It’s just a habit

Stuttering is a neurological situation, not a habit that you can effortlessly break​. Though individuals who stumble may book in speech therapy sessions, they are more to develop self-confidence in their speech instead of promising to cure the condition.

4. Lack of intelligence

Many intelligent personalities have stutters. Although stuttering is connected to a particular brain area, it doesn’t change a person’s intelligence.

​5. Bad parents

While bad parenting might create a kid’s stuttering terribly, it is also not the leading cause of the condition. However, if you think a kid is in a critical situation, don’t hesitate to reach the police.

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