National Education Day: All You Need To Know

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India observes National Education Day on November 11th to remember the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the primary Education Minister in India.

National Education Day
National Education Day

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s excellent offerings to the field of education and institution structure covered the way for the nation’s current system. Regarded as the chief architect of education, he worked from 1947 to 1958 as the nation’s first vice president and the first education Minister.

Now, all educational institutes in the nation celebrate the day with essay-writing, seminars, workshops, and rallies with slogans on the value of education and India’s dedication to education.

History of National Education Day

In September 2008, the country’s Ministry of Human Resource Development announced the birth-anniversary of Abul Kalam Azad — ‘the great son of the country — to be publicly recognized as Education Day.

The day is also an occasion to commemorate Abul Kalam’s aiding in laying the grounds of the education system in a free India and estimating and enhancing the nation’s modern performance in the field.

History of National Education Day
History of National Education Day

After its liberation in 1947, India struggled to revamp and stabilize its institutions and sectors completely. Knowing that education would be essential for the development of India, the country’s leaders turned their focus towards education.

Talking in 1948 at All India Education, he explained the significance of this birthright of each human to acquire primary education for their well-being, without preceding their responsibilities as a citizen.

As an academician and freedom fighter, Abul Kalam was the most suitable fit for the position of Education Minister for India. Illiteracy was a significant barrier to India’s growth, which had already suffered and struggled during years of exploitation before getting status as a separate country.

Recognizing the essential role performed by a good education system for the country’s development, Maulana Abul Kalam was the leading force towards destroying illiteracy. He gradually emphasized primary education and created the development of secondary education, notably for girls.

How to Celebrate National Education Day?

●  Participate in a competition

There are endless debates, essay writing, and other competitions in universities and schools over India. Join or help prepare a student you may know to support and promote the value of education.

●  Donate!

Illiteracy is still a significant obstacle in modern India. Luckily, several organizations are doing excellent work towards this objective. Donate and do your role in the removal of illiteracy.

 5 Engaging Facts about Education in India

●  Runner-ups!

With the second-largest population on the earth, it’s no wonder that India holds the second-largest school system on the earth, following China.

●  Free education for minors

A Right to Education Act makes education mandatory and free for kids aged between 6 and 14.

●  The pen is mightier than the sword.

India states its extensive education system as the chief contributor to its rapidly growing economy, expanding its budget by 80 percent in recent years.

●  Going the distance

Despite limitations, multiple kids in rural India indeed travel considerably to attain school.

●  Dedication to education

1 in 40 schools in the country are in open areas or based in tents.

Why do we love National Education Day?

●  Education is a fundamental human right

Among the requirements of life, each one needs to be equipped with a primary education, which is essential for covering a strong path in every field of life.

Education is a fundamental human right
Education is a fundamental human right

● Girl Power!

With early marriages and child labor continuing in a few parts of the country, a committed education day helps increase awareness of the benefit of education, particularly for girls.

●  Learning is fun!

It is simple to take education for granted, mainly when students are eliminated with assignments and homework! With the exciting activities and competitions, the knowledge spirit is indeed improved on this day.

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