National Energy Conservation Day: All You Need To Know

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Each year, India celebrates National Energy Conservation Day on the 14th of December. The day is designed by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), which works below the Ministry of Power to give the country’s cosmic actions in cost-effective energy generation and resource preservation.

National Energy Conservation Day
National Energy Conservation Day

Additional plans for the future are also considered on this day, targeting comprehensive growth as the primary goal towards reducing climate change.

National Energy Conservation Day History

National Energy Conservation Day tries to make awareness amongst the population of India about the significance of conserving energy. Information is provided on reducing energy loss and how the citizens can do their role in preserving resources.

Established under the Union Ministry of Power, BEE has led National Energy Conservation Day observations every year on the 14th of December since 1991. The BEE assists in developing and implementing policies and strategies to overcome the extreme loss of energy.

Humans are also put in the loop on different fields of action and plans that are being formed. Typically, the day’s main purpose is to decrease energy usage and inspire people to utilize it efficiently.

As part of its awareness services, awards are given every year on this day in 56 sub-sectors of the nation to support accomplishments in energy efficiency.

The National Energy Conservation Awards Program praises the works of the institutions, industries, and companies varying from hotels to power plants to shopping malls. The BEE also gives awards to winners of the National Painting Competition focused on energy preservation.

India’s growth sectors are growing, which points to a rise in energy demand. It is suspected that the country’s resource demands will increase twice by the year 2030.

The BEE develops policies and strategies to help reduce this requirement by promoting efficient practices for energy consumption.

How to celebrate National Energy Conservation Day?

Use of Solar Energy
Use of Solar Energy

●  Replace your light bulbs

Yes, you noticed that correctly! Even though energy-saver bulbs are costly, their performance and long-term usage create them less expensive in the big run.

●  Educate a kid about it.

Kids are our tomorrow, and what more excellent way to develop their tomorrow than speaking to them about good measures on conserving energy? Don’t forget the three R’s – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.

●  Volunteer in your community

National Energy Conservation Day is vastly held in the country. Join in the campaigning and support for resource-saving.

5 Facts about Energy Conservation!

1.  Mom has a reason to yell at you for keeping the fridge door open

Each time you open the refrigerator door, around 30 percent of the cold air leaves! It leads to more energy consumption and a bigger electricity bill.

2. Google is polluting the world!

The ubiquitous Google uses 0.0003 of power to reply to a common search question and give out around 0.2g of co2.

3. Cook in a microwave to conserve energy:

A microwave utilizes around 50 percent less energy as compared to an oven. Save power, have Pizzas!

4. Home electronics use power even when turned off!

Around 75 percent of the electricity utilized to powerhouse electronics is used while the devices are off.

5. Cars consume more energy than most industries.

Almost 20 percent of the earth’s energy is utilized for transport, whereas most instinctively blame industries.

Why is National Energy Conservation Day important?

●   Everyone has a responsibility.

National Energy Conservation Day promotes the significance of conserving energy for all, be it a kid or the old.

●   India has a large role to play.

India is an enormous nation with a population of around 1.3 billion humans. Providing such a huge portion of the earth’s population means that they also bear much blame for climate change.

●   The domino effect

Even switching off the faucet water once while brushing your teeth is essential! Great practices promoted through discussions, workshops,  conferences really make a change.

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