National Epilepsy Day 2021: History, Facts, and Significance

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In India, 17th November is celebrated annually as National Epilepsy Day to develop attention about epilepsy. This Day is perceived by the Epilepsy Foundation of India.

National Epilepsy Day
National Epilepsy Day

History of National Epilepsy Day

The National Epilepsy Day is a nationwide campaign commenced by the Epilepsy Foundation of India to decrease the majority of Epilepsy in the country.

Dr. Nirmal Surya founded the Epilepsy Foundation in Mumbai in 2009. Epilepsy Foundation of India is a non-profit charitable institution to support humans with seizures to give a satisfying life and shift their belief about epilepsy in the country.

How to observe National Epilepsy Day?

●     Enroll for an epilepsy stroll

Communities throughout the nation will boost funds in various ways including rallies.

Wherever you prefer to walk, memorize that you are supporting to battle a severe disorder that affects humans of any age and race. So, set on your loved sneakers and call your buddies for a walk to aid a very fortunate cause.

●     Attach a name to a Remembrance Wall

This Foundation has a Remembrance Wall where one can attach the name of a respected person who has lost life due to epilepsy or its similar causes.

You can also create a kind of wall on your Facebook profile or Twitter account. Ask your family, friends, or anyone who has been impacted by epilepsy to ratify in the remembrance of somebody else. It’s a lovely and good thing to do.

●     Break out the purple.

Break out the purple
Break out the purple

Every evening, keep a purple light in your window to shine. Attach purple ribbons near that aged oak tree. Wear a purple pin. Make purple pancakes and bake purple cupcakes. Got sufficient ideas now?

Five Facts You never knew about Epilepsy

1.   Anyone can have a seizure

​Individuals with this disorder are not the only ones to survive seizures; your danger may rise if you possess low blood sugar, severe fever, are going through drug or alcohol inhalation — or even if you are suffering an impact following head pain.

2.   ​It might be random

Two-thirds of humans who condone epilepsy have no specific objective for their condition.

3.   ​Vincent Van Gogh may have possessed seizures

​Medical and art analysts believe that Van Gogh’s use of yellow in his portraits occurred from xanthopsia, a situation where the patient discovers life through a yellow filter.

4.   ​It’s a belief that you can swallow your tongue in a seizure

When anyone carries a seizure, precisely roll them on its side because if you attempt to establish anything in their mouth through a seizure, the individual can damage their gums, harm their jaw, or chip teeth.

5.   ​It can be fatal

Individuals with epilepsy who have prolonged successions of seizures, fall, or lose consciousness can die.

Why is National Epilepsy Day Significant?

National Epilepsy Day Significance
National Epilepsy Day Significance

●     It affects the brain

Epilepsy is a neurological situation that accelerates seizures in the brain.

Specialists acknowledge that a brain’s disorderly rise of additional electrical activity obstructs its natural functions — resulting in a small pause to messages touring back and forth through the brain. This interval leads to epileptic seizures.

●     It causes several kinds of seizures

Seizures don’t similarly impact every person. The symptoms vary from quickly blinking eyes to anyone getting into a condition where they gaze blankly for some minutes.

A few humans undergo a short period of confusion. The more severe seizures include falling to the floor with powerful muscle compressions pursued by quick disorientation.

●     It can attack randomly

There are two types of epilepsy — idiopathic and cryptogenic. Idiopathic individuals with epilepsy indicate no neurological disease, but these patients have indications consistent with humans who are formally diagnosed with epileptic diseases.

Cryptogenic humans with thus disease possess no identifiable reason for their situation.

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