National Technology Day: History, Significance, Top 10 Quotes, And WhatsApp Messages

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Each year, May 11 is celebrated as National Technology Day. This day signifies the anniversary of the Pokhran nuclear experiments of 1998 and India’s technological improvements in space.

National technology Day

Pokhran nuclear experiments were a set of five nuclear bomb test explosions led by the Indian Army at the Pokhran Test Range.

It is also praised to admire technological progress and their intense commercialization, which takes research outcomes to approach people at large.

History of National Technology

On May 11, 1998, India successfully encouraged an Operation Shakti missile at the Pokhran Indian Army’s Test Range in Rajasthan. It was the first between the five nuclear experiments in Pokhran.

The Test was begun by late President and aerospace engineer Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Later, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee named India a nuclear nation.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

They presented India as the sixth nation to join the nuclear club of countries. So, in India, since 1999, May 11 is dedicated as National Technology Day.

Significance of National Technology Day

The aim to admire National Technology Day is to highlight the successes of our scientists and technicians in the field of science and technology.

Aside from testing missiles, the Defense Research and Development Organization also performed the last test-fire of the Trishul missile, which was founded by the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force.

Based on these enormous discovery performances by the technicians, scientists, and engineers of the country, Atal Bihari Vajpayee declares May 11 as National Technology Day.

Every year, the Ministry of Science and technology arranges a national technology day theme as a symbol of creativity and scientific examination.

How is National Technology Day celebrated?


On this day, the most outstanding people, institutions, and companies of the year are awarded. The individuals are awarded by the president of India for their offering so that they shine more in their research.

The Ministry of Science and technology also organizes several events across India. The department’s unique theme and all the planning of the event are done according to the theme.

There are scriptwriting, essay, or speech competitions arranged. The department of science and technology also promotes theme-based articles.

National Technology day quotes

Here are some of the quotes, you can use on National Technology day:

Quotes National Technology day
  • Any adequately advanced technology is identical to magic. – Arthur C. Clarke
  • “You never improve things by fighting the current reality. To improve something, create a new model that makes the existing model old.” – Buckminster Fuller
  • “It’s still magic, even if you understand how it’s made”. – Terry Pratchett
  • “We are fastened with technology when what we actually want is just stuff that goes.” – Douglas Adams
  • “Please, no matter how we develop technologically, please don’t drop the book. There is nothing in our physical world more fascinating than the book” – Patti Smith.
  • “India is close to future science. Wishing everyone a bright technology day.”
  • “India is some steps away from the top-notch Global technology progress in every field of science. Great day.”
  • “Basic knowledge is fully needed to reduce the dowry system. Create awareness of essential knowledge. Happy National technology day.”
  • The initiative by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji. An inspiration for youths to transform India through technology. National technology day.
  • Let us recognize the footstep India has taken to open a whole new world for us and widen our perspective on technology. National technology day.

Lesser known facts about National Technology Day

National technology Day
National Technology Day: History, Significance, Top 10 Quotes, And WhatsApp Messages 4

The celebration also signifies the flight of Hansa-3, India’s first domestic aircraft, piloted in Bengaluru when the nuclear tests were being made in Rajasthan.

On May 11, 1998, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) achieved the ultimate test-fire of the Trishul missile, which was then launched into service by the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.

The National Technology Day celebrates significant achievements recognized as a groundbreaking and vital contribution of scientists and engineers in science and technology.

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