National Voters’ Day 2022: History and Significance

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National Voters’ Day is celebrated every year on 25th January to emphasize the significance of each vote and voting. This day also honors the Election Commission of India foundation. Let us understand more about the day’s history and its importance.

National Voters Day
National Voters Day

It is observed annually with a unique theme. It inspires the youth to partake in the electoral process and concentrates that voting is the basic right. It is the 12th National Voters’ Day.

National Voters Day: History

25th January is the foundation day of the ECI (Election Commission of India), which began in 1950. This particular day was initially observed in 2011 to motivate young voters to participate in the electoral program.

Indeed it is the occasion to praise the right to vote and also the democracy of the country. The Election Commission’s primary goal is to improve the enrolment of voters, particularly the eligible ones.

Previously, the eligibility age of the elector was 21-years, but in 1988 it was reduced to 18-years. The 61st Amendment Bill of 1998 set down India’s elector’s eligibility age.

National Voters’ Day: Celebrations


Each year, National Voters Day is marked in New Delhi in the presence of the Respected President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind as the chief guest.

The event begins with the welcome speech, some cultural performances like music, plays, folk dance, drawing contests on various themes, etc., are arranged.

National Voters Day Activities

●  Pump it up with a rally

What’s more Indian than a great old-fashioned rally? Toss in some entertainment, bring a few speakers, and arrange voter registration tables. Create a fun event with an objective.

●  Volunteer to knock on doors

Strolling the neighborhood is a fantastic way to catch people. Keep in mind that National Voters Day is not about hyping any party. It’s about enlightening electors and bringing out the vote. Additionally, all the exercise is helpful for your thighs.

Vote Choice
Vote Choice

Where can a person Vote?

Typically, the electoral commission permits individuals to vote in the area where they live or reside. If voting is performed from two or more other places. In that case, it is counted as an offense, and this ought to be intimated to the Electoral Commission when they change their position of living.

In simple words, we can mark that it is an unlawful act(crime). When individuals turn 18 years of age, they can register themselves as a voter as a resident of India.

Furthermore, the Election Commission modifies the electoral rolls after five years and prior to an election. During voting, it is not essential to carry a voter id, and you can have your Aadhaar Card, Driving license, PAN card, etc.

National Voters’ Day: Significance


India is a democratic nation. Each resident has the basic freedom to vote, and they possess the right to choose his leader to whomever they feel is competent in leading the country, solving the issues of ordinary people, bringing about transformation, etc.

National Voters Day is a potent seed of India as the nation’s future lies in the leader that we pick.

Just think for a minute that if we don’t step forward and pick a good leader, then the improvement and growth of the nation will be deterred and will also impact the citizens of the country.

The leader of the nation selects different basic big projects and many things. If the primary system is not formed correctly, it may lead to electricity connection problems, under construction of roads, etc.

Hence, we should motivate youth to take part and make a powerful network for the future generation who’ll make sure to give their votes without fail.

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