Navratri 2021: Top 10 popular Garba songs

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Navratri is a pageant of worshipping the 9 avatars (Forms) of Maa Durga. Across the country, Navratri is widely known for 9 days and nights with a great passion and jubilation. During this festival, people worship the goddess Durga with Garba/dandiya on Popular Garba Songs and fasting.

Popular Garba Songs
Popular Garba Songs

Navratri is the longest dance festival worldwide for not only Gujaratis but nowadays it’s been celebrated by all religions. They worship Maa Durga with rhythmic dances across the idol for 9 nights and it’s far the great timing for all to gather and have fun with their love for this longest festival.

Each night-time for the duration of the Navratri festival has its own importance in the forms of colors as well. During this festival, women, and men observe the color code as consistent with Hindu rituals and put on unique shades every day or night time even playing Garba. The shades encompass red, green, yellow, purple, and many more.

Generally, the outfit of men are pajamas, kurta, and pagris on their heads. The costumes of girls are choli, which is available in 3 pieces alongside a shawl, bottom, and a top. Traditional ornaments like lengthy necklace, chuda, earrings, nose-rings, and Kada and some attractive ornaments to their attire. Small mirrors (abhalas), glass, and different shells are etched into their conventional costume.

Wearing conventional costumes, men and ladies dancers carry out Garba in addition to dandiya (with bamboo sticks). They dance in a round movement with one shifting clockwise while the others as anti-clockwise. Garba is certainly the maximum celebrated dance of the Gujarati community, however, it’s also practiced on many others occasions in the country.

Here we have listed out some popular and traditional Garba songs that you should know.

Dholida Dhol Dheemo

Chogada Tara


Nagada Sang Dhol 

Tara Via Shyam

Pankhida Tu Udi Jaje

Ek Var Bolu

Odhani Odhu

Avo To Ramvane

Kesariyo Rang

Mahendi Te Vavi

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