Sadbhavana Diwas (Harmony Day), Birth Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi: All you need to know

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Sadbhavana Diwas or Harmony Day is celebrated on 20th August each year to honor the birth anniversary of late PM Rajiv Gandhi. Praises are flowing from everywhere on his birth anniversary. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated he is pleased to have him as his father. Let us know more about Harmony day or Sadbhavana Diwas.

Sadbhavana Diwas or Harmony day

Sadbhavana Diwas or Harmony Day

The day encourages national union, affection, peace, and communal harmony between the Indian people of all religions. ‘Sadbhavana’ in English means bonafide and goodwill. Being the youngest PM, Rajiv Gandhi’s thinking method was modern and distinct from others.

Rajiv Gandhi had the vision of a developed country via many international and national projects that he signed. The main theme of Harmony day is to strengthen national integration and mutual peace among people.

About Rajiv Gandhi

He became the youngest PM of our Nation at the age of 40. Nation’s leading Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru was his grandfather. Indira Gandhi was his mother who also served the country as a Prime Minister.

After the death of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi came to be the Prime Minister. He had administered from 1984-89.

He contributed extensively to the growth of the nation.

He declared a National Policy on Education in 1986 to renovate and improve higher education programs throughout India. He launched a prominent government-based institution namely the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya System in 1986 for the improvement of the rural area of the society offering them free residential schooling from 6th to 12 class.

Due to his feats, MTNL was founded in 1986 and developed public call offices (PCOs) for circulating telephones in village areas due to his feats. In post-1990, he initiated steps for lessening Licence Raj enabling businesses and individuals to buy capital, consumer goods, and import without bureaucratic regulations.

Election-The Voting freedoms

He initiated the age of voting freedoms at 18 and also included Panchayati Raj. He strongly motivated youth energy and said that the growth of the nation depends only on the awareness of the youth of the nation. That’s why the Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was begun to offer employment to the youth.

Sadbhavana Diwas Pledge

“I take this solemn pledge that I will serve for the emotional unity and peace of all the population of India regardless of religion, caste, language, or region. I further pledge that I shall fix all discrepancies among us through speech and constitutional norms without exercising violence.”

Sadbhavana Diwas: Significance

The Harmony Day is observed in the remembrance of Rajiv Gandhi every year who desired to make India an advanced nation. His many economic and social endeavors clearly exhibit his dream.

Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award

The award of Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana was begun in 1992 by the All India Congress Committee in remembrance of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Every year this award is provided to those who have dedicated their lives to awareness and improving social harmony. This award comprises a medal and cash Prize of Rs 10 lakh.

Receivers of the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award are Sunil Dutt, Kapila Vatsyanan, Jagan Nath Kaul, Hem Dutta, Lata Mangeshkar, S.N.Subba Rao, Swami Agnivesh, Muzaffar Ali, D.R Mehta, Nirmala Deshpande, SPIC MACAY, N Radhakrishnan, Gautam Bhai, Wahiduddin Khan, M.Gopala Krishna, Amjad Ali Khan, Shubha Mudgal, Mohammad Azharuddin, Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

“India is an old nation, but a young country; and like the young around, we are impatient. I am young and I too keep a vision. I dream of an India, powerful, independent, free and in the lead of the front ranks of the countries of the earth in the duty of mankind” – Rajiv Gandhi

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