Top 10 All-Time favorite Video Games

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The video game is an electronic game that involves the interaction of one with virtual and unrealistic life. Today In this blog we are going to discuss the top 10 video games which have changed and continuously changing the video game industry. Before we start let us tell you that, this list is based on the reviews on online platforms and interviews we conducted online. It is shocking and surprisingly good news for youngsters that the gaming industry is going to become a multi-billion industry by 2030.

So, without wasting our time let’s start the top 10 video games and here we go:


Definitely, the PUBG game was proved to be the game-changer in the battle game series. The concept of 100 players on an unknown and isolated island was amazing. Pro players earned lakhs of money using their YouTube channel and tournaments in which they used to participate. The paid drop made the company a unicorn within a small period of time. The high graphics and location names like pouchinki, hospital, etc. became the mouth word of every game lover. The royal passes and tournaments of top-rated players were used to be Goosebumps moments for all.

PUBG Video games

Call of Duty

No video game was giving competition to PUBG until we heard about the name, Call of Duty. Launched with the same concept of 100 players on an isolated island and multiplayer, this gave was and still rocking the gaming industry of India. The FPP mode Battle royal provides a realistic gaming experience to users.

World Cricket Championship 3

We all know the place and value of cricket in our country India. The series of World Cricket Championship is the most loved cricket game teenager ever had played on their mobile phones and their Personal Computer. When EA sport introduced their cricket games in 2005 and 2007, no one thought that any other cricket game ever gave the competition to it. So if you want to experience cricket on your laptop or smartphone, then this video game is for you.

World Cricket Championship

Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga, a free-to-play match, three puzzle video play. The not ending game brings something new at each level which always keeps your curiosity and expectation high. You can play this game while traveling, eating, and in your free time

Temple Run

The endless running video game was developed and published by Imangi Studios. Launched in 2008 with a temple run, this game proved to be a revolution in the gaming industry. The race of breaking your own record gives the best feeling one could have in daily life.

Temple Run

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is a freemium mobile strategy video game developed and published by Finish Game Developer Supercell. With the amazing character from Barbarian to Archers, from Goblins to Wizards, this game has a lot to offer to young minds. It not only gives the best experience but also helps in the personal and mental development of teenagers.


The game which breaks the record of most pre-registration in India’s gaming industry is among the most downloaded games on the first day India ever has. The game didn’t stand on the expectation of the audience. But this game gives the real experience of the Gulwan Incident India had last year.


GTA Vice City

Well! The old is gold. We still miss our time, when we used to take 10 rupees to a nearby cyber café and play this amazing and real-time game. Your childhood is almost a waste if you didn’t reach the last level of this game. The cars, bars, and the well-remembered map. This Game really made our childhood great and fruitful.

Pokemon Go

Our childhood dream is Pokemon Pikachu, which seems to be our best friend. Image if the dream comes true with a newly launched game whose name is Pokemon Go. Go to a nearby location and fight the league and congrats you win the gem which you used to see on POGO and Nickelodeon.

Pokemon Go


The ancient arcade game that everyone played at least once at the local roller rink is the most famous game in the history of this industry. It seems to be an easy game but on the same side, it becomes frustrating when you miss by just one point or one line.

So here we finish our list and hope you like it. Tell us the most favorite game of yours. Also if you want any change in the list, then message the same.

Till then wait for our new top 10 list.

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