Top 10 Car Body Types

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Car shapes are important to car enthusiasts, and can tell you a lot about the history of the automobile. But there is more to know than just whether it’s a sedan, coupe, convertible or pickup truck. Car body types also come in many different shapes and sizes – 10 of them to be exact! Check out this list that covers everything from classics like the Bugatti Type 57C Atalante to modern marvels such as Tesla Motors’ Model 3.


A car with four doors and usually a long wheelbase. The most common body type in the United States, sedans typically offer more interior room than coupes or convertibles. Examples of popular sedan models include Ford’s Taurus X and Nissan’s Altima.

Sedan car body type


A two-door car without a rear seat. Often with classic proportions that are close to those of an original 1930s luxury coupe, today’s sporty coupes can come equipped for work as well as play – think Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z06 or Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet. But this is not always true! Ferrari 458 Italia comes standard with seats for just two people and offers no backseat access.


Car with a removable roof, typically for two. The convertible is not always the most practical choice as it offers less headroom and visibility than an enclosed vehicle. But when the sun’s out or you’re feeling wild there are few other cars that can come close to matching its open-air thrills – think Porsche Boxster S, BMW M235i xDrive Cabriolet or Audi A45 AMG Cabriolet.



A car designed primarily for carrying cargo on its rear end; examples include Volkswagen Golf SportWagen and Mercedes Benz GLA 250 CDI Edition 50. Also known as “sports wagon” because of their ability to handle rough terrain like unpaved roads off-pavement better than sedans.


A car with four wheels designed primarily for offroad use; it’s taller than other types of cars so it offers more headroom as well as increased visibility in brushy areas or over tall obstacles like speed bumps­ – think Toyota RAV-EV Concept Vehicle (SUV) and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ Crew Cab Pickup (Pickup Truck).

SUV Car body type


A Car with the smallest size like Nano has less space and easy to drive in small spaces; it’s designed to meet the fuel efficiency standards of 2020 with maximum feasibility.

Pickup Truck

A Car with a fullsize bed, usually used for cargo; examples include Tesla Model S and Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible (Pony car). It lacks some passenger space like a sedan but offers more storage than any other vehicle type.; also known as “utes” in Australia or “picks up” in New Zealand.

Pickup Truck


A Car with a long, sleek body that seats up to ten passengers and is primarily used for weddings or other special occasions.

Formula One

Formula 1 cars are some of the most futuristic and fastest racing vehicles in the world. They have sleek aerodynamic bodies, innovative driver safety features, and powerful engines to make them fly down a track at high speeds. The vast majority of Formula 1 cars use an arrow-shaped design because it is one of the easiest shapes to create for a vehicle that has just two axles without any suspension or steering devices.A Car with two doors on each side of the front seat; examples include Tesla Model S (coupe) and Audi Avante Quattro concept car (sedan).

Formula One

Sports Car

Car designed mainly for high speed – typically classed as having an engine under 2000ccs in size and not much cargo space; includes cars such as Porsche 911 GTR and Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible (sports coupe); also called “supercar.”

Although their are 15 different types of car bodies but we have just mentioned some of them. From very small to very long we have tried to give a proper glimpse of car looks. We would like to here it out from you that which of the given model is your best and what’s your view on it.

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