Top 10 Fashion Trends for Summer

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While it’s been an excellent year for the style world, this summer has revealed seriously stylish and bold designs. Oversized blazers, bold blue bags, and nautical style wear ruled Fashion Weeks over the last few weeks.

This year, some of the most prominent decades have played a massive role in this season’s looks. We cherish every single one out there, and you can see why. From Milan to Paris, here are some top fashion trends.


Athleisure fashion
Top 10 Fashion Trends for Summer 6

Athleisure can be easily described as casual, relaxed clothing created to be suitable for exercise and everyday wear. 2010 was roughly the opening point for fashion to become casual.

Wellness actions, eating healthy, and going to the gym became popular around that time, which boosted the athleisure trend.

Khadi & Khaki

Khadi fabric, just like the 90s remorse, saw a surge of reinvigoration in the last couple of years. It has developed from simply a soft fabric to a fashion garment. It was a symbol of freedom, but now it serves to change India. Khadi cloth has become more crisp and stylish.


Top 10 Fashion Trends for Summer 7

Maybe more of a micro-trend, this, but nautical figures appeared at several shows, including exaggerated Breton-style tops at Dolce & Gabbana, the anchor-covered intarsia-knit sweaters at Gucci, and sailor sweaters at the regularly sun-soaked Casablanca program.


Whether it was oversized wide-leg trousers or suiting, pinstripes were throughout at the menswear exhibits. Single-breasted is also a perfect option, but why not head to 1980s stockbrokers and try a double-breasted coat with top lapels.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda Shorts
Top 10 Fashion Trends for Summer 8

Who likes short Bermuda shorts? Well, not Gucci, D&G, and plenty of other taste making high-fashion houses it. This season we’ll be viewing the appearance of longer and broader shorts, echoing a more general shift that has been holding place over all areas of menswear for some time presently.

Knee High Boots

Turn it back to the ’60s with this excellent gogo and dancers-inspired footwear – knee-high boots. This Nancy Sinatra-approved appearance is a chic manner to advance your outfit.

Wear it with a skirt or mini dress, a roll neck, or a fashionable pair of leggings.

Pop Blue Accessories

Pop Blue Accessories
Top 10 Fashion Trends for Summer 9

Why mix in when you were made to stand out? Attach a pop of blue to your monochrome outfit to modernize your go-to outfits.

The attraction behind this trend is the endless amount of options you can try during the season – from a chic Marine Serre bucket hat to a duck egg blue handbag from Dior; you can try it all.

Skinny Jeans

When we imagine denim, the initial thing that comes to mind is skinny jeans. There was a period when it was the staple of each closet, and it was a powerful trend with no closing date. But, being such an essential part of everyone’s closet for a long time, there is every probability that the skinny style will never dull away.


Top 10 Fashion Trends for Summer 10

Jumpsuits have travelled a long distance since they were first created in 1919. Its speciality is that Jumpsuits have several things at once, not just trousers, dress, or a blouse but also combines them. It is another trend that has still attached around instead of sinking away.


Inspiring to the 1970s has remained one of the overarching trends in the last five years, and it exhibits no sign of breaking down. For the spring/summer season, Try bold florals onto shorts, holiday shirts, and tailoring, amongst others.

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