Top 10 places to celebrate Holi in India

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Holi, the festival of colors and joy is one of the popular ancient Hindu festivals, which is also known as festival of colours, love and spring. On this day, people celebrate the eternal and divine love of Radha and Krishna. However different regions of India celebrate each festival in their own style. Today in this blog, we are going to have a look on some of the popular places where Holi is celebrated in its own style.

Brij ki Holi

The place which is known for the eternal and spiritual power of lord Krishna is one of among places which is known for its great gusto and fervour celebration of holi. Lathmaar Holi, Phoolo ki Holi and Gulaal waali Holi are the types that are celebrated in Brij, from the very starting of the spring. Every year a large number of people from all over the world smeared in different colors dancing to the tunes of the musicians.

Brij ki Holi

Banke bihari mandir (temple)

On Ekadasi, a day before Holi, you will enjoy phoolon ke Holi, on which flowers are devoted to Lord Krishna. On the other day, the Holi of colours is celebrated. Recently a great initiative a taken by the administrative where a Widow Holi is celebrated. In many places, widows are not allowed to attend this beautiful festival. But the time is changing; now widows can also take part to celebrate this festival.

Shanti Niketan

Rabindranath Tagore, the noble prize winner introduced the Basant Utsav to relive the ancient tradition. On the occasion of Holi students dress up in beautiful and colorful attire that shows huge cultural extravaganza to the tourists. Here Holi celebration takes place a few days earlier than the given date of Holi.


Delhi Holi Celebration

The capital of India, a metropolitan city is always known for its aggressive behavior and fast moving nature. The hotels like Piccadilly and grounds like Ram Lila are always on the top in this festival season. Consider yourself to be in awesome time if you get tickets of mad moozik festival, holy cow which is one of the most happening festivals of India.

Banaras or Varanasi

The city which is known to be older than history has seen every aspect of holi. Here Holi is celebrated with full zeal. The pattern if Holi in whole North India is same as that of Varanasi or Banaras. One day before Holi is celebrated as Holika Dahan. The burning of the effigies signifies the end of all past problems and a start of fresh, playing with colors.

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Rajasthan Tourism organizes a special event for tourists on the Lawns of the Khasa Kothi Hotel. Rajasthani classic and folk dance and the festive lunch are featured in this event. It is not compulsory to have a customer of the Hotel. You can attend the event, even if you are an outsider.

Braj Holi is a big Holi celebration in Braj region of Bharatpur here Lord Krishna is worshipped during the festival & various dance and stage shows are organized. The Raslila dance by men & women dressed as Krishna & Gopis is the highlight of this holi festival. There is an atmosphere of glee & spirit of the festival can be felt everywhere around in Braj.


Goa has a good proportion of the Hindu population. On Holi Season you will find small parties everywhere on weekends. The beautiful hotels and the beach of Goa are there on top high and covered with beautiful colors.

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The grand and royal Holi of Mewar

Holi Celebration of Mewar is absolutely different and royal. The royal king or maharaja of Mewar invites honorable guests, foreign tourists and many well known persons of the country. The bonfire and the worship of it signify the win of good over evil.

Purulia District of West Bengal

Basanta Utsava is a 3-day long folk festival celebrated during Holi in Purulia District of West Bengal. Stunning Chau, Darbari Jhumur and Natua are the famous popular music and dance, which magnifies the festival season of Holi.

Purulia District of West Bengal

Holi of Hampi

It is uncommon to discover celebrations of Holi in South India. But, because of the presence of a big of western vacationers in Hampi, it’s miles surprisingly famous withinside the city. In addition to using coloured powder & liquid colors, the celebrations of Holi in Hampi additionally encompass a noisy rebellion of track and dance

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