Top 15 things women do in the name of women empowerment

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Women empowerment can be defined as promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their capability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves.

There is a necessity for women’s empowerment in our society. But, in today’s world, it is undoubtedly observed that some women are ill-treating the word ‘women empowerment.’ They think that they can do anything and go to any extent in the name of ‘women empowerment.

Here is a list of 15 absurd and ludicrous things that women do in the name of women empowerment:

  • Interpreting feminism with fashion and clothes – Wearing stingy (or tight) clothes or showing off a bra strap is not women’s empowerment. Women will be surely empowered when we teach our sons that it’s not a big deal if a girl’s bra strap is visible. People should see women through their inner qualities rather than their outer appearance.
  • Doubting after hearing about someone else – If you see someone is cheated upon or treated unfairly, and then you start to doubt your partner. It is incorrect.
hearing about someone else
  • Donning the wrong attire at the wrong place – India is a land of diversity and fascinating festivals. Dressing up is an art. Your outfit replicates your personality. Some women wear unusual attires at the traditional functions to look different. A western dress may or may not empower you, but an open outlook towards your own culture definitely will. 
  • Blaming the boss for favoritism – When the boss chooses a male employee over a women employee, some women blame the boss for nepotism. It can be because of a genuinely good performance by your male colleague and, it has nothing to do with your being a female.  
  • After behaving like an exemplary feminist, impersonating the women card – You talk about women empowerment, and on the contrary, you want that people give special treatment to women. It is unfair. The word empowerment does not mean disempowering the opposite sex; it simply means equality.
  • Judging other women – People begin adjudging and advising women for doing something they don’t like or considered feminist. It is an individual’s choice what they want to do. People should not force anyone (especially women) to do something in the name of women’s empowerment.
Judging other women
  • Open male-bashing on social media – These women are more like Feminazi. They believe in the sole concept of all men are dogs and rapists. Bringing everyone inside the shaming circle is not at all women empowerment but a poisonously biased approach.
  • Double-dealing with guys – Every individual desires freedom. Betraying people who love you doesn’t imply freedom.
  • Twisting the laws to suit the purpose – People can be utterly evil sometimes, even women. To grind your axe has become easy to use stricter laws against men. Some women use rape law against men and, some use dowry laws to harass the husband and his family. These women take full advantage of the law being on their side to serve their purpose.
Twisting the laws to suit the purpose
  • Screaming for society being judgmental – Being judgmental towards anyone is considered taboo today. Every individual has a right to do and look like they desire. Not only women but men do also have the same rights. 
  • Be friendly to strangers on social platforms – You have to be careful while texting strangers on social platforms because you don’t know how that person actually is. You think it’s your right to be friends with whomever you like. But, it is a sad truth that some strangers might be dangerous for you. 
  • Getting drunk at night without any safety – The society was so bustling in empowering their daughters, they omitted to keep a tab on their sons. This creates an imbalance of thinking in society. Women think they can go out in the middle of the night and do whatever they aspire, but most men are still not on the corresponding page with them.
Getting drunk at night without any safety
  • Behaving like they are the boss – The traffic rules are for everyone. Some self-declared empowered women do hurried over-takes, fight for the parking spot, fight like a manic in the middle of the road, etc. It is not women’s empowerment.
  • Passing sexist comments to men – Expecting men to not talk against women or feminism while all along passing sexist comments like calling them dogmatic falls under a double standard.
  • Demands respect, but not giving the same – All the hues and cries for the much-demanded respect for the female gender, yet not treating men in the same light is heights of hypocrisy.

The day we stop talking about women empowerment is the day the real women empowerment will begin. We are not saying that you must not boast about women’s empowerment. We should embrace the positive shaping up of society and work toward the betterment of both genders.

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