Top 16 activities for growing toddlers

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Educating children through games is the best course of action to promote their mental skills and exercise both, their body and mind. It also can be an excellent plan to enhance communication skills in kids, especially once they are still learning to speak and express themselves. So, here are the top 16 fantastic activities for growing toddlers and your kids will enjoy to the fullest.

Toddlers are kids between ages one and three, but it’s pretty fluid. This age bracket starts when kids start to steer and end roughly when they can generalize new knowledge.

These activities have been separated into art and craft ideas, sensory activities, material explorations, and other fun toddler activities. Everything has been specifically chosen only for toddler’s fun and learn!

Finger Paint

This is a sensory fun activity for your toddler and to enjoy this you need only the edible finger paint, flour, water, and food colouring to enjoy!


Ice Cube Painting

For this activity, you only need to fill an ice tray with water and colour the water with food colouring. Put them within the freezer and after 20 minutes, stick toothpicks or rounded Popsicle sticks into them and allow them to freeze until solid. Then you pop them out of the ice tray to have your toddler paint with them. it’ll appear as if watercolours are on the paper.

Cardboard Tubes with Pom-Poms

The activity of dropping pom-poms down a cardboard tube. To boost the activity, you should add more than one tube. Your toddler loves this kind of variation of fun activity. You can try it in numerous alternative ways.


Playdough Modelling

Playdough has been a mainstay in all toy stores for ages. Not only is it cheap, but it’s also a highly fun and artistic item to play with. Creative art activities for pre-schoolers, like this one, are simple. Just provide some playdough to your kid, and let his/her imagination take over. Soon, the kid is going to be seen making shapes of more complexities. Playdough easily stimulates the brain and makes the kid think hard to form different shapes.

Water Balloon Painting

Water balloon painting is another good way to feature new textures and techniques in your child’s activities. Start with getting your child to fill some water within the water balloons. you’ll help them tie the opening in order that the water doesn’t spill while he’s painting. you’ll have him fill different amounts of water to offer him more sizes to experiment with. Let your child dip the water balloons within the colour. He can dab the balloons or drag and roll them as he pleases on the paper.


Ediable Finger Paints

Let your baby play with colours on the tray. The paints used should be safe if the baby attempts to possess a taste of them. you’ll try making edible paints with fruits or vegetables like beetroot puree for red paint, carrot puree for orange colour paint, Spinach for green paint, and blueberry puree for blue paint. Touching different colours with different textures would enhance your toddler’s senses, and a mixture of these colours would enhance the sense.

Enjoy Simple Rhymes

Rhymes and childhood go hand in hand. This has been fascinated both kids and the parents equally for generations together. Rhymes drastically help your baby develop his/her language skills in a fun way. Sit together and sing the rhymes. you’ll enact as you sign! Your baby would enjoy watching you and might even attempt to imitate you.


Book Reading

At the age of around 15 months, your baby will develop an interest in picture books, books with different textures, and storybooks. Try reading out while your kid is playing and not necessarily when the kid is sitting on your lap. Let your kid explore the photographs and pages all by himself/herself. you’ll find your kid touching the photographs in the book, which you’ll name.

Building Blocks

This game introduces your child to letters and numbers. Give your toddler a set of colourful blocks labelled with different alphabets or numbers. This would again will be a fun for them.

Building Blocks

Sink or Float

This activity will boost your toddler’s scientific learning. Collect a couple of toys, and refill a bucket with water. you’ll even do that during bath time. Drop the things into the water, one by one, to check which one sinks or floats. Use objects of various weights, in order that your toddler can understand the difference between the two toys.

Matching Game

This activity could be an excellent learning fun tool, Draw a vertical line on a sheet of paper. Draw two sets of same items, like fruits or vegetables, and have your kid match them.

Matching Game

DIY Craft

DIY craft is a good activity to stimulate your toddler’s creative skills. You can try a very simple craft, by utilizing easily available household items, like a ball of cotton, & giving it an animal form or etc.

Zig- Zag

This activity keeps your toddler entertained, and doesn’t take too much effort to Stick colourful tape in various patterns, to the floor in your home. Tell your kid to walk on the tape, without losing balance.


Touchy-Feely Activity

This interesting activity could be informative and exciting for your toddler. Gather a few items that have a different sensory feel, like soft, rough, sticky, or bumpy, in a bowl. Then say the word, and have your kid pick out the matching item.

Playing in Sandbox

Playing in a sandbox keeps your toddler amused for a considerable amount of time. Create a sandbox & fill it with sand, toys, and small buckets.


Planting a Seed

This activity will help to develop the love for nature, which is a great feeling and would be a good experience for them in the long term. Assist your kid in planting a seed, and watch it grow!

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