Top 5 Latest Trending Technologies of 2021

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Today technology is evolving at such a speed that it enables faster change and progress of the world. In the year 2020 covid-19 pandemic has affected the economy as well as the advancement of technology also. In the covid-19 period, most offline services and local services brought online such as e-learning, selling groceries and vegetables, etc.

The covid-19 pandemic affected technology a lot more than every IT professional realizes that their role will not stay anymore in tomorrow’s remote world. So the IT professionals should learn constantly in 2020-21.

This means they should stay updated with current technology. If you want to stay updated with the current technology then you should try one of these 6 technologies which trend in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence became more and more popular day by day. AI became popular a lot in the past decade but still, it is one of the new technology trends in 2020-2021.

Many people started to work on intelligent machines.

AI market will grow to $200 billion industry by 2025. So AI is using every industry to create jobs in programming, maintenance, support, development, testing, etc.

This technology is in more demand than the professionals also are in demand. That’s why it offers the highest salary to Machine Learning Engineers and AI Architects.

Artificial Intelligence technology
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Edge Computing

Edge Computing
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Edge computing is the next version of Cloud computing. It powers most IoT devices with its distributed computation layer. Formerly Cloud computing technology was trending with its major players like Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud platform.

Most of the businesses adapted to cloud solutions, but Cloud computing failed to keep its demand because of its latency, time to act.

In the case of edge computing technology, the device is responsible for data processing or the nearest network station is responsible for the data process. So the device is no more dependent on the internet. The demand for Edge computing increases day by day as the number of users of the Internet of Things increases.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) creating many jobs in the market as the covid-19 pandemic affected many businesses. RPA uses software to automate your business. RPA is the software robots used to replace the repetitive tasks performed by humans. RPA offering more job opportunities as developers, project managers, consultants, and solution architects, etc. This job pays well.

Robotic Process Automation
Top 5 Latest Trending Technologies of 2021 6

Blockchain technology

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Blockchain is a technology that develops cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one of the applications of Blockchain. There are many applications being developed on this technology. So basically Blockchain technology is a data structure that is secure and distributed across the network.

Blockchain technology supports the transfer of any type of data or digital asset. This technology is secure because not able to change the previous block, transactions are anonymous and not controlled by any authority. If you want to get into Blockchain technology you should have strong knowledge of programming languages, OOPs concept, relational database, data structures with all these one has to be proficient in Cryptography

Cyber Security

Cyber security may not look like trending technology, but it is evolving as other technologies. This is the part of trending technology because threats and attacks are constantly new. Hackers use new ways to steal information.

Cyber security is a technology or process of protecting and recovers digital assets, networks, and programs from any type of cyber attack. Day by day cyber-attacks becoming an evolving danger to sensitive data of companies. So there is a strong need for cyber security professionals. But most people don’t have the required skills. There plenty of jobs in cyber security. Cyber security market will grow to $6 trillion by the year 2021.

Though not all jobs in cyber security require programming technology but it’s good to have programming skills.

Cyber security
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