Top 7 must visit places in Meerut

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Must-visit places in Meerut: Meerut is home to a number of historical and cultural heritage sites, where visitors can observe and admire the manifestation of tremendous architectural grandeur in its various forms. Apart from that, this holiday location in Uttar Pradesh also boasts expansive expanses of gardens, which are great for strolling around in and resting in the tranquil ambiance beneath the shadow of the surrounding trees.

Here’s our Top 7 must-visit places in Meerut:

The Temple of Augarnath

The Temple of Augarnath
The Temple of Augarnath

Augarnath Temple is a fascinating destination to see in Meerut because it not only has religious value but also historical significance. It is a must-see if you are in the area. There is a Hindu temple in Meerut dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is located in the Cantonment part of the city and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. It was here that the great revolt for Indian freedom, which began in 1857, had its start. 

A little is known about the history of this temple in Meerut. However, it is believed that the Maratha rulers used to undertake the pilgrimage at this temple on auspicious occasions, making it a major center of worship in the city. The temple complex also contains a memorial dedicated to the martyrs of the Indian Independence War of 1857, which is located within its grounds.

Second, on the list of top 7 must-visit places in Meerut is: 

St. John Church

John’s Church, also known as Saint John the Baptist Church, is an architectural masterpiece in Meerut. It is also known as Saint John the Baptist Church. In Meerut, there is a popular Church that dates back to the early nineteenth century and is one of the few heritage sites that still stands today to tell the stories of numerous significant historical events, including the Revolt of 1857. The fact that John’s Church is the oldest church in North India is a fascinating thing to know about the place. 

The edifice of this famous church in Meerut still contains a massive pipe organ, which is currently unusable because of its age. In order to deliver air to the organ, bellows that were manipulated manually were put in the instrument. In the middle of the noise of Meerut’s daily life, John’s Church is one of the few spots where you may pay a visit in order to find some tranquility and relaxation. Throughout the year, the church is packed with people, but the number more than doubles during the holidays, Easter, and Good Friday services.

Next on the list of top 7 must-visit places in Meerut is:

Gandhi Park/Gandhi Bagh

Gandhi Park/Gandhi Bagh Meerut
Gandhi Park/Gandhi Bagh Meerut

If you are planning a family holiday in Meerut, you must include a stop at any of the kid-friendly destinations in Gandhi Bagh, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. Gandhi Bagh, a leisure park in Meerut’s Cantonment district, is a popular destination for families looking for a relaxing getaway. Its natural beauty is enhanced by the quantity of vegetation and beautiful flowers that adorn it. While you’re here, you can choose between having a picnic in one location and taking a stroll in another, or you can do both.

A tiny pond in the grounds of this well-known kid-friendly destination in Meerut provides you with the opportunity to take your youngster on a boat trip. In addition to that, there is a designated area in the park with a number of swings specifically for children. Apart from being a well-known tourist attraction in Meerut, the park is also a popular site for locals to go for morning and evening walks on the weekends.

Next on the list of top 7 must-visit places in Meerut is:

Suraj Kund Bagh

Suraj Kund Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Meerut, mostly because of its tranquil location and plenty of greenery. It is a great place for families and children to enjoy themselves. Suraj Kund, which is located near Gandhi Nagar, is one of the city’s oldest parks and has a mythical link as well. It is also one of the most visited attractions in the city. 

According to legend, it is the location where Lord Krishna was presented with the Kawatch (armour) of Karna by Karna. This is one of the reasons why it is considered to be one of the most sacred tourist destinations in Meerut. A historical pond, which was erected by a businessman named Lawar Jawahar Lala in the year 1714, is also located within the park.

Fifth on the list of top 7 must-visit places in Meerut is:

Mughal Mausoleum

Mughal Mausoleum Meerut
Mughal Mausoleum Meerut

The Mughal Mausoleum, also known as Shahpeer Sahab ki Dargah, is one of the oldest holy structures in Meerut and is also one of the most important. Nur Jahan, a Mughal Empress and the wife of Emperor Jahangir, built the Mughal Mausoleum in the year 1628 to memorialize the local Sufi Saint, Hazrat Shahpeer.

Nur Jahan was the wife of Emperor Jahangir at the time of the construction. In accordance with the Archaeological Survey of India, the Mughal Mausoleum has been designated as a national historic monument. The mausoleum, which is constructed of red stones and has a classic appearance, is considered to be one of the most beautiful architectural treasures in the city.

Next on the list of top 7 must-visit places in Meerut is:

The Digambar Jain Temple

Digambar Jain Temple is a significant monument in Meerut City, and it is well-known for its illustrious historical history. It is, without a doubt, one of the most venerated Jain sanctuaries in Meerut, with a history that spans back thousands of years to thousands of years. 

The architecture of this prominent pilgrimage destination in Meerut, which is in addition to its religious significance, is the site’s primary draw. The courtyard of the temple contains seven altars, each with seven spires. There are two of them, the first of which is known as ‘Tihkal Wale Baba’ and is supposed to have been built by the deities. 

The altar also contains an emerald image of Bhagwan Parshavnath, the temple’s presiding deity, which is also on display. According to the beliefs, if one prays to ‘Tihkal Wale Baba’ with complete devotion and fervor, all of one’s requests will come true. The exquisiteness of this world-famous temple in Meerut is not limited to its architecture. In addition, there is a Lord Mahaveer Swami Padamasanastha figure that is 6 feet tall.

Last on the list of top 7 must-visit places in Meerut is:

Parikshitgarh Fort

Parikshitgarh Fort Meerut
Parikshitgarh Fort Meerut

Parikshitgarh is a fort located about 23 kilometers from the center of Meerut. This fort, which is also known as Qila Parikshitgarh, is one of the lesser-known attractions in Meerut. In accordance with legend, the fort was given its name by King Parikshit, who was Arjun’s grandson.

He used to be the ruler of the city of Hastinapur. Although the history of this notable cultural site in Meerut is less well documented, it is believed that the fort underwent a renovation operation in the 18th century. Initially, the procedure was started by Nain Singh, the Gurjar King of Meerut, who made certain improvements and modifications to the construction of this medieval fort in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Our list of top 7 must-visit places in Meerut ends here. 

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