World Breastfeeding Week 2021: History, and Significance

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World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) 2021: A worldwide campaign is observed each year throughout the first week of August in various countries globally. In 1992, WABA marked the primary World Breastfeeding Week. Let us learn more about the celebration.

World Breastfeeding Week 2021

World Breastfeeding Week 2021: It is celebrated yearly from 1-7 August to support breastfeeding and raise babies’ health worldwide.

Breastfeeding is essential for a baby as it offers the biggest possible start in life.

It gives nutritional and emotional advantages to both baby and mother. Also, it is part of a sustainable food policy. Breastfeeding is a natural method and is not always simple. Support to the mothers is needed both to get begun and to nurture it.

World Breastfeeding Week: History

World Breastfeeding Week History

The WABA (World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action) was instituted in 1991 to work on the Innocent Announcement of 1990 to defend, support, and encourage breastfeeding.

As part of this action strategy, WABA conceptualizes a global unifying breastfeeding plan for development. A day was proposed to be listed in an international calendar event. And later, the idea of admiring it on a day was converted into a week.

And it got to be recognized as World Breastfeeding Week (WBW), dedicated from 1-7 August to commemorate the Innocent Declaration. Now, it is observed in over 100 countries.

Why is breastfeeding important?

There are various benefits to breastfeeding. It is necessary for both mothers and babies. It can preserve children against infections and decrease the chances of later health problems like obesity, diabetes, and asthma.

Why is breastfeeding important

For mothers, breastfeeding supports the uterus to contract and bleeding to cease more soon after birth. Also, it decreases the danger of breast and ovarian cancer and helps create a superior bond for mothers with their kids.

For a newborn child, breast milk is the most reliable source of nutrition. In breast milk, various components aid in protecting children against germs and infection.

Also, the protein present in breast milk is effortlessly digested by the child instead of in formula or cow’s milk. Also, iron and calcium present in breast milk are more quickly received.

Hence, World Breastfeeding Week 2021 campaign concentrates on the adverse effects of artificial feeding that plague the climate and the way it serves as a strain on natural resources.

Aims of World Breastfeeding Week

  • To encourage mothers through peer organizations to develop, establish, and carry on breastfeeding by notifying families of the advantages of Peer Counseling.
  • To teach and guide health care practitioners to give support to mothers and children in productive ways.
  • Call governments to action to recognize the significance of the strength and promotion of breastfeeding and offer legislation to help a breastfeeding mother.
  • To increase awareness within the society to enhance, promote, and protect breastfeeding.

Why are skilled breastfeeding counseling services essential?

skilled breastfeeding counseling services

As per the shared message of WHO and UNICEF, professional counseling duties assures that mother and families will get the assistance along with the necessary information, guide and the reassurance required for the babies optimally.

On the other hand, counseling for breastfeeding can support mothers in developing confidence while considering their personal circumstances and choices.

It will also help ladies defeat difficulties they face and stop feeding and care methods that can conflict with optimal breastfeeding, including random liquids, foods, and breastmilk replacements for babies and young kids.

Counseling may help increase the span of breastfeeding and improve exclusive breastfeeding, which in turn serves the well-being of babies.

Some of the studies also show that if exclusive breastfeeding develops, it could protect the lives of about 820,000 children each year by generating $302 billion in extra income.

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