World Cancer Day : History, Significance, and Facts

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Later or sooner, it looks like cancer impacts us all. That’s why World Cancer Day, celebrated on February 4th, is a crucial day to grow awareness about detection, prevention, and treatment.

World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day

Begun by the UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) in 2008, World Cancer Day movements aim to decrease disease and death caused by cancer significantly.

History of World Cancer Day

As per WHO (World Health Organization), cancer is among the leading reasons of death globally.

In 1993, The UICC was founded. It is an organization operating towards eliminating cancer worldwide and promoting medical research. Under its guidance, the primary International Cancer Day was observed in Switzerland’s Geneva in the same year.

Many prominent organizations, treatment centers, and cancer societies also helped this initiative.

World Cancer Day was created officially in 2000 at the primary World Summit Against Cancer. The event was carried out in Paris and was observed by prominent government leaders and members of cancer organizations from throughout the world.

Improvement and raised investment in preventing, researching, and treating cancer were also emphasized.

On this day, hundreds of fundraisers and events occur worldwide every year to bring communities, individuals, and organizations together in schools, markets, hospitals, community halls, parks, businesses, etc.

World Cancer Day Traditions

World Cancer Day is not only for international organizations and medical centers. Local businesses, corporations, People, and governments all get together to advise the local public about the kinds of cancer, causes, and the possible treatments and steps to be taken.

Advertisements and essential information are performed over print, radio, social media, and television. Fundraisers, dinners, and luncheons are carried out with well-known speakers frequently present at these events.

How to observe World Cancer Day?


●  Get social

Join the #WeCanIcan, Thunderclap movements on social media, and Support Through Sport. You can also check out #nohairselfie on Twitter or Facebook for the more adventurous.

●  Take a moment and commit

Take some time to reflect on this disease’s effect on you — and commit to carrying favorable action, whether it is donating funds or time, creating a healthier option at mealtime today, or scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

●  Reach out and remember

Take time to bond with your loved ones who’ve been tasted by the giant “C.”

5 Significant Facts about Cancer

1.  It has a shocking death toll rate

Cancer has a shocking death rate — annually, around 9.6 million humans die from cancer.

2. You can prevent it

About one-third of usual cancers are treatable and preventable.

3. It is a significant cause of death

Cancer is the second most usual cause of death globally.

4. Income is a factor

Seventy percent of deaths by cancer happen in low-income countries.

5. It does not only physically take its toll.

The total economic cost of cancer every year is about $1.15 trillion.

Why is World Cancer Day Crucial?

There is a ton that you can do at an individual, policy, and community level with the proper techniques for cancer prevention. Taking the time to know what you, your community, and your family can perform to create a difference can significantly impact just one person.

●  Cancer does have warning signs

There are warning symptoms and signs for several cancers, and the advantages of earlier detection are absolute. As active as you may be, getting time to bring that check-up and talk with your vet can help make awareness and ease of mind.

●  Speaking about cancer can truly help everyone to recover

While cancer can be challenging to address, especially in a few environments and cultures, dealing with the illness openly can enhance the community, individual, and policy results.

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