World Chocolate Day: Significant, Quotes and Wishes

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World Chocolate Day: World Chocolate day or International Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 7th of July every year. The day is marked to remember the great taste of the chocolate the subtle joys it adds to our lives.It is said even by the doctors that dark chocolates are beneficial more than fruits and veggies. The day is essentially meant to celebrate the consumption of chocolates and consume more of it for a happier and healthier life.

World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day

7th July is celebrated as World Chocolate Day around the world. 7th July marked completion of 465 years since chocolate was introduced to Europe. This is the day to indulge in consuming chocolates and also send sweet warm wishes to your family and friends. This is the day to celebrate good times with your loved ones by gifting them chocolates.

World Chocolate Day Quotes and Wishes

Whenever you are happy or you are sad…. Whenever you are celebrating or hanging out with your gang, I wish that you are blessed with lots of chocolates to make every moment a sweet one!!!

On the occasion of World Chocolate Day, I wish that you are showered with unlimited supply of chocolates by your friends and family to make it a happier life for you.

May you never run out of chocolates…. May you are never short of sweetness because I am wishing you a very Happy World Chocolate Day loaded with chocolates for life!!!

I wish that each and every day of the coming year is as sweet as your favorite chocolate…. Sending you lots of love and happiness on World Chocolate Day my dear.

World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day

The only person I hate in this world is the one with whom I have to share my chocolate with…. And to the rest of the world I wish Happy World Chocolate Day!!!

May your life is filled with sweetness of chocolate and happiness of flowers. On the occasion of World Chocolate Day, I am sending sweet wishes to the most wonderful person.

You are as sweet and as adorable as chocolate. I pray for a life blessed with all the happiness and success for the cutest person. Wishing you a wonderful Happy World Chocolate Day.

Every occasion is incomplete without sweetness of chocolates. I wish your life is always blessed with sweet memories and happiness. Best wishes to you on World Chocolate Day my friend.

Dear friend, our friendship is like a box of chocolates. It is an assortment of sweet flavors along with nuts and crunch. May it always stay as sweet as chocolate. Happy World Chocolate Day.

Chocolate is something that always brings a smile to our faces and adds sweetness to life. On World Chocolate Day, I pray to Almighty to bless your life with moments filled with sweetness.

Chocolate is known as edible happiness. Eat more, it isn’t harmful rather it fights the effects of sadness and depression.

The most alluring thing on the planet is chocolate that we can see but cannot have. It initiates waves of emotions that break us down. Do not miss out on any on this world chocolate day

The comfort we get from chocolates cannot be described with words. Happy international chocolate day.

Dear, chocolate will in general become considerably better when I am imparting it to you. Upbeat Chocolate Day!

A debt of gratitude is in order for entering my life and filling it with so much sweetness. Upbeat Chocolate Day!

World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day

Our affection is better than the best chocolate on the planet. Adore you constantly, sweetheart. Glad about Chocolate Day!

What is more dominant than words? Sweet chocolate. Along these lines, express your adoration by giving chocolate to your sweetheart. Glad about Chocolate Day!

A chocolate turns out to be substantially better when you share it with the one you cherish. Cheerful Chocolate Day!

Regardless of in the event that it is harsh or sweet, chocolate is constantly enjoyable to have. I cherish you, sweetheart. Cheerful Chocolate Day!

You are much the same as chocolate, the vast majority of the occasions you are sweet and here and there severe. Upbeat Chocolate Day!

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