World Consumer Rights Day 2022: History, Significance, and Facts

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World Consumer Rights Day, observed on 15th March annually, is a worldwide event that seeks to increase awareness about consumer rights and requirements.

World Consumer Rights Day
World Consumer Rights Day

Consumer rights mean that each individual who purchases different goods, products, and services, holds the right to have information on the price, purity, quality, and standard of those goods.

You own the freedom to file a complaint from anywhere, anytime as a customer. Most individuals are not conscious of their rights as customers, so by observing this day, we make others mindful of the right to demand protection and stay secure from unethical market activities.

History of World Consumer Rights Day

The leading purpose of World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated every year on 15th March, is to make sure consumers have all the essential information to make a proper decision.

The history of the day is an exciting one. Consumers International produces and manages World Consumer Rights Day every year.

Consumers International is a worldwide alliance of consumer organizations established in 1960, and the association was launched as an independent and effective voice for customers.

This day has been observed since 1983, and the day of 15th March marks the speech given by US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy to the US Congress on 15th March 1962.

In this speech, he highlighted the four basic consumer rights — the right to be informed, the right to safety, the right to be heard, and the right to choose. Since then, World Consumer Rights Day has risen in popularity and is marked annually with a specific theme.

Understanding our rights as consumers is important as we can only determine whether we’re getting tricked or fooled if we know our customer’s rights.

Most notably, we can raise our voices and take lawful steps against any service or product buy that seems against our rights. Speak about providing power to the individuals!

How to Celebrate World Consumer Rights Day?

How to Celebrate World Consumer Rights Day
How to Celebrate World Consumer Rights Day

● Join consumer rights events

Each year, Consumers International, the organization for consumer classes globally, organizes different events, and you can join these occasions to know more. 

●  Enlighten others about their consumer rights

Not many individuals know about consumer rights, so you can mark this day by enlightening your family, co-workers, and friends about their rights as customers.

● Share your consumer rights story

Upload your post on social media about when your consumer rights were disobeyed and how you handled it. Who knows? Your post could encourage others to raise their voices for their rights!

4 Facts About Consumer Rights

1. You don’t need a lawyer

You don’t require a lawyer to occur in a consumer court. You can illustrate the subject yourself.

Fraud Alert
Fraud Alert

2. You can know all the product information

The consumer has the right to know almost all the attributes of a service or product, including the potency, quantity, quality, purity, and prices of the products they plan to buy.

3.Freedom to choose products

Each customer has the right to select the goods or services they desire, and there should be freedom to pick alternative services or goods.

4. Not every nation protects online consumers

Only almost 80 countries have agreed to have consumer protection regulations in business practices for online shopping.

Why is World Consumer Rights Day Essential?

Why is World Consumer Rights Day Essential
Why is World Consumer Rights Day Essential

●  We need this day

When dishonest trade practices and cheap companies manipulate consumers, World Consumer Rights Day is a much-required day to increase awareness. It offers us the tools to be strong and wise consumers.

●  It’s a day for everyone

Everybody on the earth is a consumer, even those who possess the businesses we purchase from. So, it is a day for all to understand their rights as customers.

● It can bring change

If all the individuals on the earthwork together and grow awareness about customer rights, the earth will change for consumer rights.

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