World Contraception Day 2021: History, Significance

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Whether you’re a breastfeeding mom considering becoming intimate with your husband or a couple not seeking to become pregnant anytime shortly, all you require, in both cases, is the proper birth control plan to stop any shocks!

World Contraception Day
World Contraception Day

There are many birth control choices available to you, but with limited or absence of accurate public information about contraception, you’re more likely to have doubts regarding it.

It is where the World Contraception Day observance comes in! World Contraception Day is a yearly global campaign intended to increase awareness of contraception and teach people about many birth control options.

Scroll this post to learn more regarding World Contraception Day, its facts, history, and more!

What is World Contraception Day?

World Contraception Day, celebrated on 26th September each year, is a worldwide campaign to raise awareness about contraception. This day strives to boost awareness about birth control techniques possible to a woman and her companion to decide their reproductive health.

What is World Contraception Day
What is World Contraception Day

This worldwide campaign effort for more helpful education-related to secure and preserved sex so that no birth is unwanted or unplanned!

History of World Contraception Day

World Contraception Day was initially celebrated on 26th September in 2007 by ten global family organizations to advance awareness about contraception and empower couples to make a notified decision about beginning a family so that all pregnancy is desired.

The WCD encourages family planning and preventive techniques that are reliable and favored.

World Contraception Day is raised by a combination of 15 worldwide NGOs, governmental institutions, and scientific and medical communities interested in developing the proper knowledge about physical and reproductive health.

Importance of Contraception

Using protection while going beneath the sheets with your spouse can absolutely stop an inappropriate and undesired pregnancy. ‘

But there are various advantages of using contraception, which the World Contraception Day worldwide campaign tries to get people informed of. Here’s why contraception is essential:

  • Practicing contraception benefits in family planning. Being informed regarding (and holding access to) many birth control techniques can support a female (and couples) choice when they desire to have kids.
  • Young girls and females who are not fit for pregnancy, both physically and mentally, may take advantage of contraception. Females can stop pregnancy with the aid of contraception till their bodies are developed for the same.
Importance of Contraception
Importance of Contraception
  • Birth control can also control population rise. While having one baby or more is a personal preference, having more kids can raise the population. And overpopulation can place stress on the economy, environment, and health and education assistance.

How to Contribute On This Day

Sexual communication is vital in our lives, but speaking about sensuality or reproductive well-being is taboo in many countries. World Contraception Day’s worldwide campaign aims to educate couples and females about reproduction and the different birth control techniques open to them.

Here’s what you can do to provide for the World Contraception Day campaign.

  • Stay notified and teach others. If you have immature children, nephews, nieces, teach them regarding sexual health and discuss contraception’s significance. But while you’re at this, remember that your tone should be soft. You want to get them aware, not frighten them!
  • If you’re in your generative times and have an intense sex life, provide yourself with the correct knowledge on birth control. Speak to a doctor regarding the different birth control techniques, and pick one after studying the security and side effects.
  • Tour schools or practice webinars to teach school children about sexual health and young children about different contraception techniques.
  • Chat to your family and friends regarding the reliable means of contraception and support them avert early pregnancies.
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