World Day For International Justice: History, Significance, and Quotes

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World Day for International Justice is celebrated on July 17 each year. This date is also recognized as International Justice Day or International Criminal Justice Day. This Day is celebrated to give credit to the emerging system of international criminal justice.

World Day For International Justice
World Day For International Justice

The Day also strives to strengthen international criminal justice. It also is an honor to know the work of the International Court of Justice. Here is all you should appreciate about International Justice Day History, significance, and meaning.

International Justice Day Meaning

This Day is observed all over the earth as it motivates everyone who desires to encourage justice and promote victims’ rights.

This Day is also celebrated by everyone who helps save dangerous crimes and also praises the people who put culprits behind bars and help bring peace, safety, and well-being to the world. 

International Justice Day History

International Justice Day is observed on this day as it honors the well-known adoption of the Rome Statute in the year 1998. On this day, a new agreement was approved, which helped set the International Criminal Court.

Since then, this court has served to deliver justice to victims of war atrocities, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

The Review Conference of the Rome Statute was organized at Kampala, Uganda, on June 1, 2010. During this conference, all the nations involved in celebrating International Criminal Justice Day on July 17.

This day was introduced to illustrate the vital role civil society members play in our lives.

International Justice Day significance

International Justice Day

World Day for International Justice was founded after the Rome Statute was adopted, leading to the establishment of ICC. The establishment of ICC was seen as a revolutionary approach for peace and law.

Over 150 nations have participated in this treaty, and over 123 states benefit from this new agreement. The ICC also encourages its members to start rectifying the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities immediately.

This day is also significant as it encourages raising awareness to the people aware and organized to advance justice. It also supports the rights of the victims and also attracts the attention of humans towards severe problems.

What is the necessity to celebrate World Day for International Justice?

World Day for International Justice is dedicated to building awareness for humans to support justice. The main goal is to defend the rights of the victims.

The day is admitted to drawing people throughout the world to pay attention to severe issues. The day’s observation also defends people from various crimes and warns those who harm peace and safety.

World Day for International Justice Quotes

  • “Humans globally aspire to justice and peace, as well as to honor the rule of law and people’s dignity. Happy world’s international justice day.”
  • Injustice is the greatest threat in society. Let’s join hands to destroy injustice worldwide. Happy world’s international justice day. “
  • “Justice can’t be achieved by violence. Violence destroys what it means to make. Happy World day for International justice. “
  • “Where justice is rejected, where ignorance rules, neither humans nor property will be secure. Let’s put our voice upon injustice. Happy world’s international justice day “
  • “Defeating poverty is not a sign of mercy. It is an action of justice.” – Nelson Mandela
  • “Justice is a real honesty of mind how a guy does what he ought to do in the conditions facing him.”
  • “Equal justice below law is not just a title on the facade of the Supreme Court house, it is possibly one of the most motivating ideals of our society.”
  • “Justice is never as slender to us as when we initially followed it. Let’s join together to fight for justice. Happy World day for International justice.”
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