World Diabetes Day 2021: History And Significance

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World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14, initially founded in 1991 by the Who (the World Health Organization) and IDF (International Diabetes Foundation).

World Diabetes Day
World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is a lifelong disorder where the pancreas doesn’t generate sufficient insulin if any at all. It also drives severe health situations and, in several ways, can be avoidable. That’s why we practice this day to develop education and awareness.

History of World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is estimated to have been about 1550 BC. Some scientists at the University of Toronto found the successful extraction and Insulin injection into people in 1922. So, similarly, our knowledge of diabetes is relatively new compared to its long, heavy march in history.

The difference between type one and type two began at nearly 1850, where medical experts considered that they knew sufficient of the difference to establish two categories.

Since then, type II diabetes has expanded to 90% of those involved, with approximately 425 million people affected globally.

This disturbing growth in such a preventable condition is among the reasons the IDF and WHO needed to make World Diabetes Day – to help increase awareness of how to prevent catching the disease.

Controlling blood sugar levels every day is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. The economic expense of diabetes worldwide is about $727 billion. In the US only, it takes around a third of that, at USD 245 billion.

The prevention and costliness make even more motivation for us to increase awareness of the disease and honour the birth anniversary of the man who served to deliver insulin into the present life as a powerful medicine against it.

How to observe World Diabetes Day?

How to observe World Diabetes Day
How to observe World Diabetes Day

1. Wear the blue circle

The logo of the blue circle is a worldwide sign for diabetes awareness. On World Diabetes Day, use a t-shirt, bracelet or necklace holding the logo or design one yourself to make people conscious of this deadly condition and its consequences.

2. Organize a diabetes fair

Connect with health officials to sponsor a diabetes exhibit in your area of work or your community. Provide diabetes screenings, broadcast messages, and announcements, and offer information on what individuals can do to stop type II diabetes and stay well.

3. Get tested

Symptoms of diabetes can involve but aren’t limited to vision changes, thirst, weight loss, constant hunger, excessive secretion of urine, and fatigue. Additionally, being overweight or fat dramatically raises the odds of having type II diabetes.

It’s considered 1 in 2 people with diabetes is undiagnosed. Practice World Diabetes Day as a signal to get checked if you possess any risk symptoms or factors.

Why is World Diabetes Day Significant?

●  It draws attention to the diabetes epidemic

Over 25 years (from 1988 to 2013), diabetes diagnoses rose about 380 percent. And these diagnoses are critical— by the year 2030, the WHO prophesies diabetes will be the 7th chief cause of death worldwide.

This situation requires consideration, and that is why owning an entire day committed to it is essential.

●  Type II diabetes can be avoided

World Diabetes Day acts as a note to live our lives more healthy. Type II diabetes can be restricted through regular physical activity, a nutritious diet, and average weight. Tobacco consumption increases type II diabetes as well and should be avoided entirely.

●  It’s a reminder to be educated about diabetes

Type II diabetes has increased to pandemic proportions, but type I diabetes, previously identified as juvenile diabetes, is quite a severe health warning. Around 1.25 m US people are affected with type I diabetes, but the condition’s cause is unknown.

However, the health impacts are just as destructive as type II diabetes. World Diabetes Day helps as a warning to identify the indications of diabetes, get checked, and receive treatment.

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