World Environmental Health Day 2021: All You Need To Know

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World Environmental Health Day 2021: The Covid epidemic that the earth has been fighting for nearly 2 years now has taught how destructive the results of ecosystem loss can be.

World Environmental Health Day
World Environmental Health Day

By shrinking the range of the natural environment for animals, we have formed perfect conditions for pathogens – like coronaviruses – to develop.

The truth remains that just with healthy ecosystems can we improve human’s livelihoods, stop climate change and prevent the destruction of biodiversity.

About World Environmental Health Day

World Environmental Health Day is observed on September 26th, yearly to promote awareness and environmental security.

Plastic Pollution
Plastic Pollution

As per the United Nations, “the recognition of this good-day offers us an event to increase the support for effective control and an enlightened opinion by people, companies, and communities in protecting and improving the environment.”

The day is celebrated by involving governments, celebrities, businesses, and residents to concentrate their efforts on an important environmental issue.

World Environmental Health Day 2021 Theme: Ecosystem Restoration

The World Environmental Health Day’s theme for 2021 is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ and Pakistan will be the host for the day globally.

This World Environmental Health Day will beat off the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030), a worldwide mission to recover billions of hectares, from farmlands to forests, from the depth of the ocean to the summits of the alps.

For too long, people have been misusing and damaging the earth’s ecosystems. Every three seconds, the earth loses quite a forest to give a football ground and over the current century, we have ruined half of the wetlands.

Earth's coral reefs

As many as 50 percent of the earth’s coral reefs have eventually been destroyed and at least 90 percent of coral reefs probably will be exhausted by 2050, even if global warming is confined to an expansion of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Ecosystem destruction is seizing the nature of carbon sinks, like wetlands and forests, at a moment when humankind can least bear it. World greenhouse gas emissions have risen for three continuous years and the earth is at one point for possibly catastrophic climate change.

We must now essentially rethink our connection with the existing world, with biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and strive towards its restoration.

What is an ecosystem?

An ecosystem is a society of animals and plants cooperating with each other in a settled area, and also with their nonliving settings. The non-living settings include earth, climate, sun, weather, soil, and atmosphere.

What is an ecosystem

The ecosystem associates with the way that all these various organisms exist in close vicinity to each other and how they cooperate with each other.

What is ecosystem restoration?

Ecosystem restoration involves reducing, stopping, and reversing this destruction– to go from abusing nature to improving it.

Ecosystem restoration involves supporting the recovery of ecosystems that have been crushed or corrupted and protecting the still entire ecosystems.

Recovery can occur in several ways, such as actively planting trees or eliminating constraints so that nature can heal on its own.

How can the ecosystem be restored?

All types of ecosystems can be recovered, including farmlands, forests, wetlands, cities, and oceans.

Almost anyone can launch Restoration initiatives, from development agencies and governments to communities, businesses, and individuals. That is because the problems of degradation are numerous and different and can have an influence at various scales.


For example, degradation may occur from dangerous policies such as subsidies for intense agriculture or small tenure laws that promote deforestation. Coastlines and lakes can become contaminated because of inadequate waste management or an industrial disaster.

Financial pressures can leave cities and towns with too much pavement and too few green areas.

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