World Mental Health Day 2021: History, Significance, and Facts

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Since the early 90s, mental well-being had come a long way when the WFMH (World Federation of Mental Health) formally founded the day. World Mental Health Day is celebrated on the 10th of October, and as our knowledge of mental health increases, we develop along with it.

World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day

History of World Mental Health Day

In 1992, the WFMH, headed by the former assistant secretary-general, Richard Hunter, was founded this Day. They didn’t have a particular purpose other than to support mental well-being as a whole.

To say the least, it was an upward slope to change plenty of serious and critical habits that were creating a tough situation more dangerous for people.

The world had a lot of mental health problems that weren’t correctly being healed. There were efforts to obtain public funding for inhumane treatment in New Zealand, treatment in France, and overall ignorance of mental well-being.

The WFMH understood that they needed to work on a worldwide scale to solve a global disaster.

Mental Health
Mental Health

There was a 2-hour telecast broadcast worldwide for the initial three years through the US news agency satellite. The studio was situated in Tallahassee, Florida, and it became a helpful way to offer their advice of support out to the world.

They engaged from Chile, Australia, Zambia, and England, while Geneva, Mexico, and Atlanta City pre-taped parts for the broadcast.

The primary theme of this day was ‘Enhancing the Quality of Mental Health Services Worldwide’ in 1994. Twenty-seven nations sent feedback statements after the campaign, and there were social campaigns in England and Australia.

Maintaining this momentum, WFMH committee members worldwide organized events following the day and its increasing fame among government organizations, departments, and civilians alike.

World Mental Health Day Significance

1. Know the problem

The purpose of the mind is an ideal concept, and this day enables us to think regarding our thoughts. We’re growing beyond old thoughts and delivering the stigma of mental well-being so that we can correctly overcome it and take care of it personally.

With the fear and burden lifted from mental wellness issues, the fight becomes considerably more straightforward.

2. Share your pain

This day tells you that everything you’re passing through, you’re not alone. Too frequently, we believe that we’re the only people suffering a difficult time. It’s great to understand that other humans have passed through it and made it out to the other end.

3. Proper treatment

Mental Treatment
Mental Treatment

As our knowledge of mental wellness increases, so does our ability to look for decent treatment. With the best therapist and certain medication, you can achieve on a more effective level. The more money put into research and mental healthcare, the higher the worldwide influence.

5 Shocking Facts About Mental Health

●  Unholy spirit

It’s believed in some cultures that mental well-being issues are produced by spirit possession.

●  Global numbers

Worldwide, one in four humans will require mental health care in their lives.

●  National numbers

More than 57 million Indians battle with mental health.

● Limitations

Most Indians lack access to proper healthcare treatment.

● Youth depression

Depression within youth has increased from 5.9% to 8.2% since 2012.

 How to Observe World Mental Health Day

1. Do group therapy in the workplace.

Register for a group therapy class at your office. It can provide you and your coworkers to represent themselves in a secure environment. We tend to cling to the idea that driving through and moving on is great, but problems can occur unexpectedly if they aren’t correctly dealt with.

2. Practice self-care

There are various changes you can make to your life that can last after the Day. Some of the choices are developing a proper sleep routine, taking lunch breaks, changing your diet to healthier choices, and going on lengthy strolls.


3. Follow the theme

Every year, there’s a different theme, and also, if it doesn’t directly connect your issues, you can still learn from it.

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