World Nature Conservation Day: History, Significance

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Celebrated each year on 28 July, World Nature Conservation Day came into tradition to teach people about the best methods to protect our natural resources. Our planet Earth has only a short amount of resources left that we highly depend on every day, like air, water, soil, and trees.

World Nature Conservation Day
World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day also encourages that a healthy environment is the main reason for a stable and fruitful society. Sustainable manners are such that one can secure the well-being of the present and future generations.

As responsible civilians, we must all practice sustainable living and make little modifications in our daily living, the way we travel, eat, shop, and more so that we don’t harm our natural gifts anymore.

World Nature Conservation Day: History

The origin and history of World Nature Conservation Day are unknown, but the main purpose of admiring it on 28 July is to promote nature and not misuse it.

Preservation of nature is the sensible management and utilization of natural resources. Due to natural inequality, we face many problems like global warming, several diseases, natural hazards, raised temperature, etc.

“Conservation means the smart utilization of the land and its resources for the permanent benefit of men”.

~~Gifford Pinchot

World Nature Conservation Day: Significance

World Nature Conservation Day is observed to build and raise awareness about the significance of natural resources and how one can breathe sustainably.

The day urges humans to save and preserve Earth’s natural resources that are quickly depleting owing to over-exploitation and even misuse.

World Nature Conservation Day - a Tiny plant

Hence, for the next generation, it is important to protect it. So, it is essential to boost awareness among people worldwide to understand the significance of saving resources, recycling them, preserving them, and knowing the results of damaging them.

How to live sustainably?

How to live sustainably
  • Ensure water protection: It all begins at home. Take a commitment to practice the shower less and use a bucket for a bath preferably.

The above finish up wasting more water, in the lengthy run, a bane for society. Several studies have discovered that we might drop out of natural resources water near the year 2050.

  • Encourage growing trees: Planting more trees is important to avoid soil erosion and increase greenery — practice home-gardening when possible. Not everyone has a growing thumb, but giving time amid nature improves mental well-being too.
  • Waste management:
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle waste.
  • Use rainwater harvesting and set up wastewater processing plants.
  • Practice organic compost if possible.
  • Sustainable commuting: Vanpool with fellow office workers who function in and around your office complex. It is great for the atmosphere as fewer cars mean little pollution and is also more comfortable on the wallet.
  • Decrease your electricity consumption; turn off electrical devices when not in practice or every time you step out of your room.
  • Decrease paper usage: Save paper, save trees. In the digital era, the tools we practice also help us take notes to save the call for a print-out.

Many of us have also started to know that anyone can carry a meeting on a virtual medium with the new standard, and you can save additional resources.

  • Avoid the use single-use of plastics: The plastics ultimately passing into the oceans are creating havoc to marine life, the environment, and so much more. As per a Reuters report, “single-use plastic usage has risen through the covid pandemic.
Avoid the use single-use of plastics

Latex gloves and face masks are washing up regularly on Asia’s remote shores. Landfills globally are stacked high with record quantities of takeaway meal containers and online delivery packaging.”

The chief purpose is to be aware and support conscious, attentive living. From agile fashion to over-utilization of all our resources to decreasing non-necessary travel, we can all be helpful in creating a sustainable future.

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