World Oceans Day : Top Quotes, History, and Significance

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On this World Oceans Day let’s “Love the ocean. Ocean will not disappoint you.”

World Oceans Day

On June 8, the entire world gathers to celebrate the most significant water body enclosing us: the ocean. It is an essential part of our planet as it offers us water, a crucial element that we need in our regular lives.

However, over the years, the oceans have suffered the impact of artificial destruction. From throwing unwanted trash to industrial chemicals, its degradation destabilizes the earth’s dynamics with its natural sources, leading to an inevitable and unfavourable end.

Therefore, it becomes all the more crucial to protect the oceans throughout the earth.

World Oceans Day History

The UN Conference on Environment and Development first suggested this in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. The purpose behind it was to honour the enormous water body, its advantages in our lives and boost awareness about what we can do to make it a member of sustainable development.

On December 5, 2008, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution to designate this day.

World Oceans Day Significance

UNESCO states that celebrating this day reminds everyone that the ocean is the heart of our earth.

This day raises awareness about conserving and rescuing the ocean from the ultimate degradation caused by our careless actions.

Therefore, all these reasons encourage us to celebrate World Ocean Day all over the world.

World Ocean Day Quotes

World Ocean Day Quotes
  1. “Faith recognizes there is an ocean because you have noticed a brook.” —William Arthur Ward.
  2. “There will be no life. We need to protect our oceans. On the beautiful event of World Oceans Day, Let us get together to protect them. Happy World Oceans Day.”
  3. The ocean is older than the mountains and freighted with the visions and memories of Time. -H. P. Lovecraft
  4. Standing out there in the ocean, God’s masterpiece, it’s like a present he has offered us to enjoy. Bethany Hamilton
  5. To me, the sea is a frequent wonder; The fishes that swim the rocks, the movement of the tides, the ships with men in them. What stranger wonders are there? – Walt Whitman

Threats to the Ocean – Causes of Ocean Pollution

  • Ocean Acidification: Human actions have caused a rise in CO2 in the atmosphere, and the ocean receives 30% of CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Global warming:  The ocean receives heat from greenhouse gas emissions, causing ocean temperatures to rise. The rising heat of the sea is affecting the marine Ecosystem.
  • Excessive plastic usage: The marine wildlife mistakes plastic that ends up in oceans for food and ultimately leads to their stomach. Thousands of aquatic wildlife like turtles, sea birds, and whales are killed every year due to plastic pollution.

World Ocean Day Activities – Ways to Celebrate World Ocean Day

The following are some measures that we can consider as part of the celebration of World Oceans day.

  • Societies can arrange clean-up campaigns near the coastal region and nearby beaches. Institutions and schools can also organize clean-up campaigns to boost awareness amongst the people on keeping the oceans clean.
Plastic cleanups
  • Plastics usage should be defeated so that you can avoid it from being ended up in the oceans. You can conduct no plastic campaigns at institutions, schools, and localities to teach society about the devastating effect of plastic on nature.
  • Try to decrease energy consumption at your homes and business. Try to practice using a public mode of transport. Turn off the power when not needed.
  • Proper waste management has to be taken into attention. Prevent the trash from entering the sea, for it causes harm to the ocean’s marine life.
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