World Patient Safety Day – All You Need To Know

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Each year, millions undergo injuries or lose their lives owing to unstable or lower quality healthcare. As per WHO (World Health Organization), up to 4 of 10 victims are harmed in basic and ambulatory care environments.

World Patient Safety Day
World Patient Safety Day

Reports also suggest that 135 million unfavorable incidents occur every year in hospitals in low to middle-income countries (LMICs), adding 2.6 million deaths yearly. However, around 80 percent of these incidents in these contexts could be avoided.

To mark the significance of patient security, the first World Patient Safety Day is celebrated on 17th September 2019. Started by WHO as a global battle, ‘Medication without Harm’, the day intends to build awareness of patient safety and encourage people to commit to getting healthcare safer.

On 24th May 2019, WHO feature states from every 194 countries supported establishing a World Patient Safety Day to be considered annually on 17th September, formally adding it to the WHO list of health dates.

Significance of the day

WHO states that investments in decreasing patient harm can point to vital financial savings, and more significantly, safer patient results. An example of prevention is pleasant patients, which can lower the burden of harm by up to 15 percent if appropriately performed.

World Patient Safety Day aims to improve patient safety by raising public awareness and commitment, improving global knowledge, and working towards international solidarity and progress.

Safety of patients through health services is needed to empower healthcare systems and progress towards sufficient universal health coverage (UHC) below Sustainable Development Goal 3 (securing healthy lives and encouraging health and well-being for all lives).

The six International Patient Safety Aims are:

  • Goal 1 – Identify patients accurately
  • Goal 2 – Develop assertive communication
  • Goal 3 – Advance the safety of high-alert medications
  • Goal 4 – Ensure accurate site, the proper method, right patient surgery
  • Goal 5 – Decrease the risk of healthcare-associated infections
  • Goal 6 – Decrease the risk of patient harm occurring from fall

Theme: Safe maternal and newborn care

Safe maternal and newborn care
Safe maternal and newborn care

Even before the pandemic, around 800 women and 7000 newborns died every day, with the cases happening mainly around childbirth. About 2 million kids were also stillborn each year, with above 40 percent occurring during labor.

Most of these stillbirths and deaths are avoidable by providing safe and quality attention by skillful health care experts serving in supportive environments.

In reply, the theme chosen for this day in 2021 is “Safe maternal and newborn care.” As motherhood care is also affected by gender equity and violence issues, females’ experiences during pregnancy can either allow or cause damage and emotional trauma.

Therefore, this year’s campaign motto – “Act now for secure and respectful delivery!” – calls on every stakeholder to stimulate the movements required for ensuring safe and respectful birth.

What can you do for your safety?

  • Support the hospital workers by assuring that your data is perfect, including the diseases you might bear.
  • Ask questions if you have any difficulty or are not sure of any part regarding the diagnosis. If in doubt, ask for a second opinion on a pathological state.
  • Ask the doctor about the benefits and drawbacks of any medical procedure that is prescribed for you. Be apparent regarding the side effects it might possess.

Objectives of World Patient Safety Day

The worldwide observance of WPSD strives to:

  • Boost awareness of patient safety concerns worldwide
  • Improve global knowledge on the primary role of patient safety in obtaining Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage
  • Promote the growth of systems and methods for the removal of all avoidable healthcare-related harm to victims, and control of uncertainties in health care 
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