World Pneumonia Day : History, Facts, and Significance

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World Pneumonia Day is on 12th November and, like each year, it is committed to raising awareness among humans to recognize the necessity to live together and command effort in the battle against this disorder.

World Pneumonia Day
World Pneumonia Day

Pneumonia is the largest widespread killer of kids and grown-ups in the world. On normal, it alone destroys more kids than the total death rate resulting from malaria, AIDS, and measles.

This World Pneumonia Day, we anticipate coming together to know how important oxygen is for people and what can be performed in our battle against pneumonia.

History of World Pneumonia Day

The worldwide Coalition against kids Pneumonia celebrated the initial International Pneumonia Day in 2009. They tried to get the facts of the harshness of pneumonia to human knowledge and to meet hands to attract worldwide attention to the overlooked situation of pneumonia.

The Day was celebrated with the public slogan “Healthy Lungs for All”, and it has been retained from the primary Worldwide Pneumonia Day in 2009.

The year in which the initial Day was celebrated, it was killing almost 1.2 million kids every year.

In four years of celebrating this day on a worldwide scale, in 2013, UNICEF and WHO inaugurated an Integrated Worldwide Action Plan for the protection and control of Diarrhea and Pneumonia.

Additionally, many other endeavors have also been taken at several levels to decrease the assaults created by pneumonia, which still works as the important contagious killer of kids and adults.

How to celebrate World Pneumonia Day?

Discuss pneumonia

Set a pearl ribbon on your t-shirt and illustrate the significance of this ribbon to those who ask. Speak about this illness in your circle, you never know there may be anyone in need of support which you might offer to them.

Participate In awareness campaigns

Meet your regional health bodies or medical institutions and contribute to their campaigns to raise awareness regarding the consequence of this illness and how more action needs to be created to avoid it.

Help those who have pneumonia

Be an unknown contributor to a pneumonia victim. Raise some fortune as a donation and provide it to your regional hospital or clinic where there are victims of the disorder.

Four Facts About Pneumonia

Pneumonia in Adults
Pneumonia in Adults

1.  There is not only one reason for pneumonia

Doctors and scientists have stated that this disease can be caused by fungi or bacteria, or both simultaneously, it might be caused by just breathing trash or breathing in the food we consume, or any minor toxin in the atmosphere, which can result in illness in our body.

2. Breastfeeding helps in battling against it

Specialists have stated that kids who frequently fed on mom’s milk had enormous immunity, and also if they were affected by Pneumonia had a bigger possibility of battling the disease and recovering from it.

3. In 2017, 15 percent of kids died of pneumonia

Approximately 808,695 kids lost their lives because of the illness, and this accounts for 15 percent of all the deaths in kids below five years of age.

4. Lung health seriously compromised

Currently, there has been a 75 percent growth in the overall volume of pneumonia cases worldwide.

Significance of  World Pneumonia Day

Pneumonia is extremely dangerous

Pneumonia begins as the mild flu, but it can soon evolve into a life-taking ailment, and still, there are only some legitimate treatment choices that are accessible for pneumonia.

People unaware of the treatment of pneumonia

Several humans are unaware of the seriousness of dealing with Pneumonia in the initial stages of the disorder. As stated above, understanding what resulted in the condition in the main place is as significant as the treatment itself.

There are various varieties of antibiotics accessible for the treatment, and numerous vaccinations too for protection, but they require to be made available to the normal human.

Preserving our future generations

Our future prevails in the next generations. We need to give rise to the feat, if not for us, then for our kids, so that they develop strong and independent from this illness. Our actions today will make the way for improvements in the treatment preferences for this disorder in the future.

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