World Radio Day 2022: History, Significance, And Facts

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Join in the worldwide events for World Radio Day on 13th February and discover how radio is still transforming lives globally. Spain first presented World Radio Day in September 2010.

World Radio Day
World Radio Day

A great thing about radio is it’s still applicable and essential in our everyday lives. During those extended drives for a holiday or maybe to a job, the radio is still a great companion, making us dance, sing, and be informed.

It’s like a fabulous buddy and neighbor, one who’s constantly there and never keeps you down.

History of World Radio Day

The radio is a medium that has maintained its use throughout time. It is a medium for offering information, educating individuals, letting expression over cultures, and surely, providing all our favored music.

No matter how state-of-the-art technology evolves, radio is an irreplaceable platform, particularly during the happening of natural or artificial tragedies. 

At the 36th session of the General Conference by UNESCO in 2011, 13th February was declared as World Radio Day.

UNESCO’s director-general selected this day as it was the birthdate of the UN international broadcasting service, which was formed on 13th February 1946.

Without utilizing any costly content or videography, radio is the best broadcast platform presently that provides local news, entertainment, sports updates, amazing music, talks and is a useful way for marketing.

World Radio Day Activities

●  Tune in to a Radio event

There are events running throughout the world. Every year the theme is distinct, with states throughout the US hosting applicable events and gatherings to honor.

●  Host a Radio Only party

Yeah! You can be the most creative individual in the community by offering a Radio Only party. Invite your buddies over and switch off the TV. Expropriate all cell phones (that should be amusing).

Spend the evening listening only to the radio. You will be stunned by the various amusement, news, and knowledge available on the radio alone.

●  Hear to the “War of the Worlds”

Radio was the only broadcast medium for entertainment and news in the past. Fictional dramas were also provided on the radio.

On October 30th, 1938, CBS streamed the drama “War of the Worlds.” They only planned it to be a Halloween prank, but not all noticed the part presenting it as a “fictional” drama.

Many individuals thought Earth really was being raided by Martians. Chaos exploded in the roads of multiple cities. It was the influence of radio. Glorify by experiencing what radio was like at the rise of its power by hearing the foremost “War of the Worlds” broadcast.

5 Excellent Facts about the Radio

Facts about World Radio Day
Facts about World Radio Day

1. The most influential radio station

WLW (700KHz AM) covered half the world during the night.

2. Downloadable video games through radio

In the 1980s, sounds published through the radio were recorded by people on cassette tapes, which you could play back on PCs.

3. Listeners autonomy

A radio station surveyed 3,500 music enthusiasts in 2005 to form ‘Rock’s Ultimate Super Group,’ the top musicians were picked based on their tool, and the champion ended up being Led Zeppelin.

4. Lights off

On September 28th, 2006, the City Council of Reykjavik approved to shut off all the town lights for 30 minutes, while a popular astronomer spoke about the stars and constellations on national radio.

5. A grand entrance

The Japanese people first listened to their emperor’s voice on the radio when he declared the country’s surrender during World War II.

Why do we love World Radio Day?

● Radio reaches everyone

Every year on this day, specialists in the field unite to think out how to reach isolated districts. World Radio Day ensures everyone has access to information, regardless of how remote or central.

●  Radio is free

There are many ways to obtain information, news, and entertainment. You get radio free in a cafe, in your car, and even in elevators.

●  World Radio Day is socially conscious

Annually hundreds of events are carried out all over the globe. Radio still thinks we’re essential.

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