World Senior Citizens Day 2021: Quotes, History, Facts and Significance

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The World Senior Citizens Day on 21 August every year is committed to boosting awareness about the problems that affect older citizens.

On this day, we must praise the older adults for their dedication, achievements, and the co-operations they have offered throughout their lives.


We must also seek learning from their struggles and appreciate their contribution to creating the society we live in. The day recalls people and the government’s responsibility to work for the well-being and care of senior citizens.

World Senior Citizens Day history

World Senior Citizen’s Day was formally established by Ronald Reagan, late President of the USA, after approving Proclamation on 19 August 1988.

On 14 December 1990, UNGA signed to celebrate 21 August as World Senior Citizens Day.

In his Presidential Community, Ronald Regan stated, “For all that they have performed during their lives and for all that they continue to do, we owe our appreciation and genuine regards to our senior civilians”.

World Senior Citizens Day: Significance

World Senior Citizens Day
World Senior Citizens Day

The day suggests citizens and the government of its duty to work for the well-being and comfort of senior citizens. To help the older adults of any age and end starvation, poverty, etc. It is perfectly said that older adults are like pillars of the house and also of nations.

Problems related to older bodies are growing like senior abuse, enabling us to highlight and solve these social issues. Several campaigns are also held worldwide to build awareness, including taking responsibility for older adults and studying their lives.

Many people also share their experiences and recommend solutions to the problems that affect older residents. Older people give thoughtful and valuable guidance as per their experiences. Let us inform you that World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is also observed on June 15th.

Over the next three decades, as per the UN data, the number of older people globally is predicted to double, touching more than the 1.5 billion marks in 2050. All areas will witness a rise in the size of the more aging population between 2019 and 2050.

World Senior Citizens Day Quotes

Senior Citizen
Senior Citizen
  • “Forever appreciate the older adults not because they are older, but Elders are considerably more experienced and definitely earn the position as most skilled teachers on the earth!”
  • “We are constantly urged to respect older people because they are older and smarter than us, and they have noticed life from the edges we have missed.”
  • “Being older does not mean “spent youth” but a fresh step of energy and hope.”
  • “Old age is a great and exciting thing. Indeed, you are kindly shoved off the stage, but then you are provided with such a convenient front stall as an observer.” – Confucius
  • “Being an elder is not an infirmity – it is power and continuation, victory against all types of failures, pains, difficulties, and diseases.” – Maggie Kuhn.

World Senior Citizens Day Facts

  • Only 3.6 percent of humans above 65 years old are in treatment homes. Older men are more likely to live with a wife, while older women mostly live alone.
  • 4 in 5 older people will battle a minimum of one permanent illness or disease such as arthritis, heart disorders, or osteoporosis. Fifty percent will fight at least two.
World Senior Citizens Day facts
World Senior Citizens Day facts
  • By age 75, nearly 1 in 2 women 1 in 3 men do not get ANY physical work. You can keep elders healthy by organizing a yoga or any other class at your regional senior center!
  • Ninety-nine percent of humans above 65 years old possess health insurance, with 92% holding government sponsored Medicare.
  • Older people above 75 visit the doctor three times more frequently than people 20 to 45 years old.
  • An expected 1 in 10 older residents are victims of senior abuse, the deliberate acts by a caregiver that lead to emotional, mental, or physical harm
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