World Sight Day : Date, History, Significance, Quotes, Wishes, And WhatsApp Messages

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World Sight Day, celebrated every year on the 2nd Thursday in the month of October, is a worldwide occasion intended to attract attention to blindness and imaginative and prescient impairment.


World Sight Day History

Lions Clubs International partnered with blindness prevention companies internationally to commemorate the primary World Sight Day on October 8, 1998. This occasion become later incorporated into VISION 2020, a worldwide initiative that the IAPB coordinates.

This initiative is a joint event between IAPB and WHO. It includes non-authorities companies, and expert associations, in addition to eye-care establishments and corporations.

World Sight Day Date

2016Thu13 Oct
2017Thu12 Oct
2018Thu11 Oct
2019Thu10 Oct
2020Thu8 Oct
2021Thu14 Oct
2022Thu13 Oct
2023Thu12 Oct
2024Thu10 Oct
2025Thu9 Oct
2026Thu8 Oct

What to do on this day?

The World Health Organization (WHO), which is the United Nations directing & coordinating authority for Health and medicines, and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) are actively concerned in coordinating activities and programs for World Sight Day.

Associations which include Lions Clubs International have additionally been actively concerned about marketing and promoting the day annually for the past many years. Many communities, associations, and non-authorities corporations working collectively with WHO and IAPB to promote the day through elevating public attention of blindness and imaginative and prescient impairment as fundamental global public fitness issues. It is critical to steer governments, specifically fitness ministers, to take part in and designate a budget for countrywide blindness prevention programs.

Everyone Counts

Nearly all people on this planet will experience a sight difficulty of their lifetime and approximately more than one billion human beings globally do not have the right eye care services. To cope with the larger image worldwide, Everyone should be aware of their very own eye health and that the theme of 2021 is, #LoveYourEyes.

World Sight Day quotes and wishes

  • Make an appointment with an eye doctor and get a check-up to make sure you are healthy. Have a safe and healthy World Sight Day!
  • The world is beautiful, make sure you protect your eyesight so you don’t miss it. Take care, stay healthy and be safe on this occasion of World Sight Day.
  • Let’s educate the people in the rural areas of the country about several eye problems, their risks and help them cure vision impairment…have a happy World Sight Day.
  • This World Sight Day, let’s find the solutions to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to sight. Let’s pledge to spread the message of #HopeInSight.
  • On the occasion of World Sight Day, let us stand together and make more and more people aware of blindness and issues of vision. – Happy World Sight Day!
  • Want to see the light? Protect your eyesight’- take proper care of your eyes, get eye-check ups on a regular basis, save your vision.-Happy World Sight Day.
  • Today is World Sight Day. Open your eyes and recognize the need for proper protection and care to stay healthy.
  • Mark your calendars and take a step towards changing the way the world sees on this World Sight Day.
  • On this occasion of World Sight Day take a pledge to always put your sight first and protect it. Happy World Sight Day.
  • Devote your day to help cure visual impairment by educating people about the risks involve and ways to resolve them. Happy World Sight Day!
  • Eyes are what connect us to this world… On World Sight Day, let us pray for vision for blind and more and more joys around.
  • Vision is what must come first and protecting eyesight is what is extremely important. Happy World Sight Day to you.
  • 80% of the visual impairment worldwide can be cured or avoided. Be aware and smart and protect your eyesight. Happy World Sight Day.
  • So many people in this world take birth with hereditary eye diseases and God has gifted you a pair of healthy eyes…don’t let it go to waste, take proper care of it on this World Sight Day.
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