World Statistics Day: History, Facts, All You Need To Know

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World Statistics Day is observed on October 20. The day honors the successes of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics.

World Statistics Day
World Statistics Day

Statistics are vital. Statistics include analyzing, collecting, and evaluating large amounts of digital data. This field of mathematics enables scientists to create innovative inventions.

It supports businesses in creating safer products. When foretelling the weather, meteorologists depend on statistics to be true. Pharmacists form more powerful medications when practicing statistics. Even investors get more reliable financial decisions thanks to statistics.

Individuals also practice statistics for various reasons. Statistics help to verify facts and make crucial decisions. It also plays a vital role in finding patterns and tracking trends. Practically every industry on the earth benefits from statistical data and research.

For all these purposes, statistics deserve recognition.

World Statistics Day History

This day seeks to show the significance of good and proper data for informed decision-making by individuals and governments. The day also supports the right to public data and increases awareness for technological advances that can help collect data.

The significance of timely and reliable data indicates that no one is left unaccounted for policymakers to address better and overcome difficulties such as climate change, education, and social requirements.

The day was officially assigned by the United Nations in 2010 and is observed on October 20. The primary World Statistics Day was marked on the 20th of October, 2010.

World Statistics Day Facts and Quotes

  • It was not till the 19th century that statistics started to cover all things linked to the summary, collection, and data analysis. Before the 19th century, people mainly used data to total resources, usually for military plans and taxes.
World Statistics Day Facts
World Statistics Day Facts
  • Some of the main benefits of using statistics are tracking trends and developments over time and monitoring usage patterns.
  • Some downsides are that they are not fit for being quickly understood. They must be interpreted correctly, which needs particular expertise.
  • In ancient times they owned no statistics, so they had to drop back on myths. By Stephen Leacock.
  • It is the mark of a brilliant person to be driven by statistics. – George Bernard Shaw.

Things to Do

  • Watch a film about the importance of statistics. A few recommendations are Statistics (2006), 21 (2008), and Good Will Hunting (1997).
  • Grow awareness about the holiday by practicing the hashtag #StatsMatter #WorldStatisticsDay or #TruthinStats.
  • Read books about the importance of statistics. Some recommendations are: Freakonomics, The Signal and the Noise, and Superfreakonomics.

Statistics Day Message, Status, Wishes

  • Learn the value of statistical data for analysis and informed policy decision-creating supporting sustainable growth and its root.
  • “People who neglect stats are doomed to reinvent it.” Wishing everyone a happy World Statistics Day.
  • We must all learn that statistics are not only numbers but are also essential elements in formulating accurate plans and policies for a nation.
  • Statistics is a spur for the present life and the support of government and community plans. Keep it.
  • Support the value of sustainable national statistical capacity to build positive and timely statistics and mark this event.
  • For a capability to write, read, and adequately understand, statistical knowledge is essential. Hence, train yourself and celebrate.
  • Our life is a substantial long experiment. The more experiments you perform, the better and more fortunate you live.
  • Experience your life with a range of estimates and a result of statistics and honor this opportunity of World Statistics Day.
  • Do decent statistical analysis and ensure a sharp dissection of doubts and a surgery of ideas on this day.
  • Be logical and calculative. Practice stats and keep your work with higher comfort.
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