World Thinking Day : History, Significance and Quotes

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World Thinking Day, observed on 22nd February, is a day of sisterhood, friendship, and empowerment where Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide voice out on problems that affect young women and girls.

World Thinking Day
World Thinking Day

Do you know that this event raises funds for 10million Girl Scouts and Girl Guides worldwide? This year’s theme is ‘Our World, Our Equal Future: The Environment and Gender Equality.’

History of World Thinking Day

The Girl Scouts of the USA, the WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts), and other WAGGGS associate institutions have been observing World Thinking Day since 1926.

It is a day to honor being part of the various worldwide sisterhood. The history of the day is a captivating story.

In 1926, representatives from all over the world met at Camp Edith Macy — now known as the Edith Macy Conference Center in New York for the fourth World Conference and chose to begin a day for guides and girl scouts.

They set the mutual birthday of Lord Baden-Powell, the originator of the guide and scout movement, and his wifey Olave as the Thinking Day. After that, in 1932, a Belgian representative expressed that girls could raise funds for world thinking Day and offer their appreciation.

Approving this request, Lord Baden-Powell sent a letter to every guide and girl scouts globally requesting them to contribute a penny as it was sufficient for a loaf of bread in those days.

In 1999, at the Dubai Conference, Thinking Day was modified to ‘World Thinking Day.’ Presently, this has developed into a vast worldwide event that inspires members of the movement to consider more significant problems.

How to celebrate World Thinking Day?

1. Celebrate the theme

Each year, this day is observed with a theme. So, consider and take whatever steps you need to solve these significant issues impacting worldwide.

2. Help them raise funds

Girl scouts and guides may observe this day by carrying events such as sports days and bake sales. Please encourage them by offering relevant contributions.

3. Take part in their celebrations

You can also mark this day by participating in broader events held by the scouting and guiding communities, like hiking, campout events, and other challenges.

5 Interesting facts about thinking

1.  Girlguiding began with boys

Girlguiding started in 1909 when girls beat the rally of a boy scout. It encouraged Baden-Powell’s sister Agnes to start the Girl Guide Association.

2. The Big Gig is real!

Big Gig is a vast concert arranged by Girlguiding annually, and well-known celebs like Little Mix and Ed Sheeran have performed there.

3. Girl Guides contribution to the world wars

Girl guides offered invaluable aid in both the world wars, including giving private messages, aiding war prisoners to run, and more.

4. There’s no age limit

There’s no upper age limitation to be a scout associate — this enables equal chances for adult members.

5. World centers for members

There are 5 world centers over four continents and five nations, including India, Mexico, Switzerland, the UK, and Africa, where people can travel.

Why do we love World Thinking Day?

Why do we love World Thinking Day
Why do we love World Thinking Day

●  It is a meaningful day

World Thinking Day is a significant day that does not just observe the day itself but also grows funds for the welfare and development of girl scouts and guides globally.

●  It empowers women

World Thinking Day has developed as a significant worldwide event due to the sheer effort of girl guides and girl scouts globally.

●  It helps tackle world problems

It offers an option for girl scouts and girl guides to know about and take a step on the world’s problems. They have a theme every year that relieves light on different topics.

World Thinking Day Messages

“There is nothing good or bad…. It is only defined by the thinking of the person….. Best wishes on World Thinking Day.”

“Let us celebrate World Thinking Day by nurturing our thinking to be good and healthy because that is what our life is made of.”

“If all people come up with the same idea then it is very sure that somebody is not thinking at all…. Best wishes on World Thinking Day.”

“World Thinking Day reminds us that there is the solution to every problem and we can find it by thinking over it with all focus.”

“Thinking Only Makes You More Human, Don’t Make Rash Decisions! A Happy World Thinking Day To You!”

“Always Think And Think Wise Before Committing To Anything! Wishing You A Wonderful World Thinking Day!”

“It’s Your Power To Think That Makes You So Unique! Wishing You A Great World Thinking Day!”

World Thinking Day Quotes

The Trouble With Having An Open Mind, Of Course, Is That People Will Insist On Coming Along And Trying To Put Things In It – Terry Pratchett

The World As We Have Created It Is A Process Of Our Thinking. It Cannot Be Changed Without Changing Our Thinking – Albert Einstein

Five Percent Of The People Think; Ten Percent Of The People Think They Think, And The Other Eighty-five Percent Would Rather Die Than Think – Thomas A. Edison

“If You Have The Power To Think, You Have The Power To Solve Problems. The Power To Bring About Change, And The Power To Change.”

“The Day We Stop Thinking Would Be The Day We Just Become Like Other Animals In The World, Incapable Of Developing Our Worlds.”

“We Can Only Solve Issues And Make Plans For Different Things By Thinking. It’s The Gift Endowed To Us.”

“Thoughts Are The Very Foundation Of This World; It Is Our Thoughts Materialize Into The Many Beautiful And Essential Things We See Around The World.”

“We, Human Beings, Tend To Make Rash Decisions Sometimes That Result In Mishaps Or Things We Don’t Want. So, It’s Always Essential To Think Before Doing Anything Thoroughly.”

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