World Toilet Day 2021: Significance and all you need to know

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If you live in a decent house, in a decent neighborhood, and even in a half-developed city, then you won’t identify with the problem of having a toilet to take a dump in, let alone a good and sustainable one.


You might be thinking who cares about a toilet?

3.6 billion people do. Because they don’t have one. Their kids and family members have to go out in the open to do their essential business. But today I’m gonna tell you why should you care also. You have to.

Why should you, as an Indian, be concerned about it?

According to most Indians, those days are over when people used to go to open fields every morning where there were separate areas divided for men and women for their private business.

Why should you, as an Indian
Why should you, as an Indian

But, actually not. Every single one of them is wrong about it. Right now while you’re reading this, over 344 million people are going out, in open fields, to take a dump.

India is No.1 in the chart of countries where people still suffer because of not having a toilet in their homes. Even if you’re not a patriotic Indian, you still don’t wanna see your countries be even listed in that index, let alone being number one.

What more than just people going out in public?

If that was it. Then there was nothing much to worry about. After all, human feces can be used as fertilizers. People doing it in public won’t be that much of big pain.

But there’s an even bigger elephant in the room; Toxicity. That’s right. Human waste is also toxic. I don’t know about other countries, but there are tons and tons of houseflies roaming around in every season in India. The same flies feast on the same human waste and the same flies then go and sit on us and our food items. If that doesn’t make you creep out, I don’t know what else will.

Every day people are giving birth to dangerous disease-carrying flies. Every day we are getting close to yet another pandemic.

Why World Toilet Day?

We have World Toilet Day on 19th November to spread awareness about two major causes; Toilets and Sustainability.

On one hand, over 4.2 billion people suffer from not having a place to go to do nature’s call all over the world, we have a big problem that lies in front of us; Global Warming.

How is global warming connected with this?

You see, every day around thousands of tons of freshwater is being flushed down the toilet just to dispose of our waste. Read that again. “Fresh Water”. While science is making estimates that our upcoming generations might run out of freshwater to drink. We’re flushing it down like nothing.

That’s why we have World Toilet Day. To spread awareness and provide resources not only to have a toilet in their homes but also to have a ‘Sustainable Toilet’ at their home.

This year’s Toilet day will be more concerned about having a Sustainable system of sanitation installed in each and every home possible. So that the water gets wasted at a bare minimum and the waste gets disposed of perfectly.

The UN has the target to build sustainable toilet facilities in every corner of the world by 2030. If you believe and support the cause, then please visit and support them in every way possible.

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