World Vegan Day: History, Facts, and Activities

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World Vegan Day is marked on the first of November, and it astonishes us to see how far this campaign has come! We remember when veganism began off as a diet freak and then ultimately turned into a lifestyle choice.


The happiness and advantages of veganism are supported on this dedicated day, showing just how simple it is to head for this hunting-free lifestyle and create awareness of the benefits for our furry buddies.

Even though veganism appeals to deny all animal-based products, a plant-based diet is the most reliable way to promote this change, with thousands of tasty veg dishes or altered versions of dairy and meat recipes posted online.

History of World Vegan Day

Across the world, this day is observed excitedly through events, seminars, exhibitions, and restaurant specials. This one day provides infinite opportunities for vegans to support their lifestyle and anyone wanting to adopt it. But this green campaign did not just start with herbivores.

In 1944, two peoples of ‘The Vegetarian Society UK’ – Elise Shrigley and Donald Watson, were at intersections with the society. In addition to eliminating meat from their everyday intake, they also withdrew products created from or examined on creatures.

Yet, the organization did not recognize their lifestyle as different, leading the duo to build ‘The Vegan Society.’

In recognition of the 50th birth-anniversary celebration of The Vegan Society in 1994, Chairman of the Vegan Society and UK celebrity – Louise Wallis chose to celebrate the first of November as World Vegan Day. She also invented the terms vegan and veganism.

While choosing a date, there was much uncertainty as to which date, specifically in 1944, was The Vegan Society was established. Aware of Day of the Dead and Halloween, she chose the first of November. The rest is history.

World Vegan Day Activities

●  Try a recipe

Share your preferred recipes on social handles, or try a new item from your beloved celebrity! Now is the opportunity to try and go beyond the use of only vegetables for preparing vegan recipes.

●  Take a pledge

If you’re on the front about going green, practice the 30 days vegan challenge by Traveliaa. There is no more excellent time to begin than now! Or you can challenge your family and friends and present your vegan preferences to them.

●  Host a vegan party

Call your friends or office partners for dinner or lunch featuring meals made entirely from plants! Instead, you can host your get-together at an eatery that provides veg cuisines.

5 Facts about World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day
World Vegan Day

●   World Vegan Day Start

World Vegan Day was invented by Louise Wallis, who is a part-time DJ, part-time activist.

●  The oldest vegan cookbook

Issued in 1874, the book named ‘The Hygeian Home Cookbook,’ composed by Russell Thatcher Trall.’

●  Veganism saves a ton of water measures that it needs around 2500 gallons of water for each pound of beef produced. Wow!

●  Go green!

Around 5 percent of the world population classifies as Vegetarian. Half of these are Vegan.

●  Meat-free Mondays

Following a no-meat course, Los Angeles in the US has maintained meatless every Monday since 2012.

 Why Do We Love World Vegan Day?

●  Save the animals

Vegan Day gradually promotes respect for our animal buddies. Not only does veganism reduce the slaughter of animals, but activists also aim for sterner policy implementations toward animal abuse and mistreatment.

●  Lean mean greens

Studies state extreme animal fats and protein consumption can lead to heart disease, obesity, colon cancer, and other deadly health problems. An entirely plant-based diet decreases the risks of these signs as well as offers much more nutrients.

●  Saving the planet

A vegan lifestyle preserves a significant amount of water, prevents rare animal species from getting extinct, decreases the consequence of climate change, and keeps our ecosystem ‘healthier’ overall.

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